Sweet Jules…

Thoughts are starting to take over and reality is sinking in, and all I can think of is please keep fighting little girl!!! You are such a fighter, keep it up a little longer!!! Please come out crying tomorrow little thing.  I really want to hear you! Your momma wants to meet you in the worst way.  Thank you for the inspiration you have been to me and your daddy.  We are forever changed because of you and have a whole new way of loving.  You have blessed us so much and we haven’t even seen you yet.  So fight hard little girl!  we love you to pieces!


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24 thoughts on “Sweet Jules…”

  1. Elysia Hillmyer

    I have read and heard your journey through Candice Kisner……such an emotional thing I am so glad that there are individuals out there that take such pride, love, and hope in a life no matter how different this is how it should be even in this tough time I can see the Lord beaming from your choices and the beauty of the little Angel that he sent to you. I will be praying for your family’s strength since that little girl is already right in the palm of his hand and his path for her was chosen so long ago whatever it may be…….love and prayers to you all.

  2. Dear Allie –
    I heard about your blog from Steph Ganser.
    My family and I are praying for your family and your precious little girl Jules! Praying for Jules’ life and praying that God will uphold you all moment by moment.
    The Propst Family

  3. Saw the link to your picture on your facebook page. So I shared the beautiful picture you have of this little angel…(other than the cleft palet which you knew she had) she looks perfect! Here’s to praying that you get to keep cuddling this angel for years!

  4. You have been in my thoughts and prayers so often. God knew what he was doing when he chose the two of you to be parents for Baby Jules.
    I enjoy reading your blog – lately it has reminded me to be thankful for the life we are given. Make every day special.
    Thank you for sharing your journey.
    God Bless…

  5. Allie, I stumbled across your blog several weeks ago while looking for some info in it. I have been following your story ever since, keeping your family & especially Jules in my prayers. I pray today that you’ve all been able to share some family time with your beautiful little bundle. May God bless all of you today & always…stay strong little one!!! <3

  6. your story has blessed so many people by your unfalling faith. I see these post & how the lord is using your family as a testamony to others. people you don’t even know your family & yet are praying for you. that is the glory of god being shone. you are a bright light just gleaming in the hearts of other. I am just one more soul praying for you all to have joy & peace.

  7. Hi, so one of my friends posted a link to your website today saying to pray for you. I just had a feeling I should check it out and for some reason I thought I would be able to relate to whatever you were going through. Well the Lord works in amazing ways! My wife and I had a baby with Trisomy 18, Alex Paul Miller and I know how hard that diagnosis is. Our little guy didn’t make it to his due date (born at 22 weeks) but we still got to hold him and love him when he was born. I just want to say you are really brave for sharing this with people and going through what you have and you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I know what the experience is like, I prayed to hear my son’s cry but he was just too young and weak to do it. I know it was the most difficult thing I’ve ever gone through but faith is important. It’s going to be hard but you will make it and look back in bittersweet remembrance of this moment. It was Alex’s birthday on September 16th, 3 years and we release a balloon to him every year. It’s my way of remembering him. My only piece of advice is to pray a lot and cope with it how you cope. Everybody handles things differently so however you mourn and what makes you feel good or like you are healing.. do it. Don’t listen to anybody that tries to tell you how you should be feeling or coping or healing or how long something should take. Anyway.. I know I’m a stranger but I’ve been there and just wanted to know you are supported by people and to give some thoughts on what you are going through (since I’ve been there).

  8. I don’t know you personally, just through a dear friend Erin H., but I woke up this morning with you and your little girl on my heart. I had no idea that today was the day you would deliver. In my prayers for you I came across this quote from Joni…hope it brings you some peace in this difficult time! Joni Tada: “When we grieve and feel deep sorrow, we must look to Jesus who endured a greater grief and sorrow. There’s a reason Jesus says “Blessed are those who mourn” —sorrow forces you and I to identify more deeply with the Savior when He carried His cross. If you are experiencing sorrow, if your tears seem to flow endlessly over a deep disappointment, remember the Savior. He persevered. That means you can, too.”

  9. Praying you through this, Allie, Jules and family! All day long, dozens of times, all of our family praying for all of yours.

    We just rented “October Baby” and although the story isn’t the same as yours, I can’t help but think about the miracle of life that the movie was all about, and how Jules is your own miracle… your own “October Baby.”

    All our love, tears of joy, and prayers…

    The Rock Family

  10. Your family has touched so many people. May God continue to bless you and be with you as you travel the days ahead. Your Cornerstone family is there for you. Pslam 23

  11. A million prayers for you and your family. May God watch over you all, protect you all, and wrap His arms around you all in the days to come especially.

  12. Dearest Allie,
    My name is Lisa Nesbitt and I am the pastor’s wife at CBC where your Aunt Lynda and Uncle Charlie go to church. I just had to write this morning to let you know that I have you on my mind and in my prayers this morning as you welcome your precious baby into the world today. Lynda shared your story with me several months ago and I have been praying for you as you prepare for this special delivery. May the Lord continue to strengthen you as you trust Him in ALL things!! Love and Prayers, Lisa

  13. Praying for you today little Jules… I know your mom and dad can’t wait to hear your joyous cries as you enter into our world. You will be in my thoughts all day today! Allie and Ryan – Bless both of you, you have shown my family true strength and courage and what endurance really looks like. In a time like this I don’t know if our faith would have stayed as strong as yours has.. you are truly an inspiration to us. Our lives have been consumed with your story and our thoughts and prayers have stayed with you all for the past few weeks. I can honestly say that instead of waking up and doing our “normal” routine the first thing we do every day and the last thing we do every night is check in to see how your family is doing and if Jules has made her appearance. I know that we don’t officially know each other but your blog has made it so that I feel like I know your family and with that my family rejoices with your triumphs and our hearts hurt with your sadness. We pray that everything goes smoothly today and that the 5 of you come home together for as long as you have. Bless you all and know that thousands of people are with you today in thought and prayer.

  14. Many prayers coming your way this morning as you meet Jules. You were my first thought and my first prayer as I woke.

  15. Yes, yes and yes yet again! Been praying this very prayer for you/with you, Allie!
    Still thinking of you all; praying for tomorrow to go as well as it can. <3
    Much love being sent your way!

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