I had fun giving Tates room a little love this Christmas, since I haven’t done much to it since I first decorated it.  I was given an old school desk that I was going to redo for a Whimsy sale that was sitting in the shed.  Tate saw it and begged me to put it in his room.  If you know his room, you know it’s about the size of a sardine box.  But the little bugger was persistent and so I finally gave in:)  What can I say, he’s got my heart.

So here’s Tates new little work station..

Boy room

He’s got a nice little spot with a good view, and seeing as though this corner usually collected “junk” before, it’s probably a good thing to have to keep it clean.

Boy room with desk

I moved his lantern over here since it made a little more sense and am on the lookout for a cute lamp by his bed.  The desk chair before was a honey color, so I painted it red and then chalked the top of the desk with green chalkboard paint.  I meant to buy black, but when I got home I realized I grabbed the wrong can.  To my surprise though, I love it way better than black in here.


He brings his writing up here often to work…


I moved the book shelf over here as well.  It seemed to fit better, especially when you see what we added in that corner:)

Boy Christmas

And of course Tate needed a little charlie brown tree as well.  Decorated with all of his lures:)

We found this one up north as well.


perfect size Tater Bug!


Yes, that’s how we roll.


Safety first!


And there you have it.

I loved the green chalk paint so much I thought, hmm….I bet that would look cool on one of tates wall.  And what’s one more wall of chalk paint??:)

Chalkboard wall

I like it cause it’s kind of unexpected until you get in the room.  And I am actually going to let the kids chalk on this one:)  Huge step for me!

I also snagged that fun hanging chair from IKEA a few months back.  It was only $35 which I thought was a deal, and thought I would win mom of the year award.  Tate thought it was cool for a day or two and that was about it.  Sad.  Maybe next time.

chalkboard wall

This is where praying circles around your children comes in.  A little while back one of the sweet mentors in my life introduced me to this book..


It’s available on Amazon for $2.70, and it’s prime, so if you’re a member it’s free shipping. Crazy cheap!  It’s a super quick and easy read, I think I read the whole book (it’s small) in about 45 minutes.  But it’s got SO MUCH GOOD INFORMATION!!  And teaches you great ways to pray for your children.  One thing that stuck with me was that it said pick a few adjectives for each child and then post them in their room.  Find a verse that reinforces them and pray that verse over them.  Make it “their” verse.  Well, ever since we were pregnant with Tate, we prayed he’s be joyful.  And honestly, he has so.much.joy!  I’ve never met a kid that wanted to laugh as much as he does.  He just loves to laugh.  So I finally had the opportunity to write it on his wall, along with a verse that supports it.  I love this verse because it also describes faith, blind faith.  And giving thanks.  Pretty much sums up what our lives should look like.

Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy.  1 Peter 1:8

We say this to Tate almost every night, and if we forget he usually asks us to read what it says.  Love it.

Boy bedroom

So there you have it, a tour of Tates (tiny) room and me preaching:)


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  1. What a cool little boy’s room! I love the idea of having a couple words like that for our children and a verse to support it. When my children were younger I was in a Mom’s Prayer group. We prayed for our kids and for their schools. Even though they have grown up now I’ve been thinking that they could probally use that prayer group more than ever! You’ve inspired me to use this idea with them. Thank-you!

  2. Look at you Ali, I always look forward to checking your blog to see what’s new. You really need to be featured in a home magazine :)

    I also remembered you saying you had an instagram. I tried finding you but no luck :(

  3. I used to have a little desk like that when I was a kid. I thought it was neatest thing since sliced bread. Thanks for sharing!

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