So it hit me…maybe cause my house now looks like this…

and this..

or maybe cause I’m gonna be living in a shed for the next 2 months..

or maybe cause my little girl just turned 2 and I barely felt like it was her birthday amidst all this craziness!

Although we did manage to have a bit of fun..

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!  I love you so much!!

Or maybe it’s cause I promised God that if we got this house I would not forget about him and still give him the time he deserves, that I want to give him.  You know…a balanced life???  Pretty sure I failed on that one too.

My guess is it’s probably a combination of them all that lead to a mini emotional break-down on Saturday.  Nevertheless, I survived:)  We had fun, I scared a few in-laws..hehe, and we are moving on.  My shed is looking a tiny bit better with some stainless steel appliances in it:)  and I’m excited for what the next few months have to hold.  Above all I am hoping that I can devote some much needed time to God who has blessed me with SO SO much!!  He’s pretty much the best!!

Happy Monday everyone!


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2 thoughts on “Tears”

  1. Oh Honey, don’t feel bad~ I almost cried too when I walked through your house on Saturday! Not only because I loved that home, but mostly because moving is a huge upheaval of you and your kids’ world (hubbies aren’t quite so attatched to homes), and it is VERY exhausting emotionally, mentally, physically and of course spiritually. Having just gone through all of that, and still in it, I am feelin’ for ya! Give yourself a second helping of grace. You are an amazing Mommy — Who else makes sure her Sweet Pea has a floral centerpiece for her Moving Day-Birthday!? My goodness, you think ahead. You and Ryan made that a wonderfully memorable time for Kynlee — actually, for all of us! :) But, speaking of tears, I should tell you — When I stepped inside your “new” house then on Saturday, I felt a wave of emotion rush over me — tho more like tears of excitement. All of a sudden, I could visualize the hopes and plans you guys have for that place — it felt so alive and inviting already!
    It IS going to be a long haul — you know that. Just keep communicating how you are doing, and what you need — we will help where we can! :) And sneak nano-seconds to be with the Lord, if that’s all you have. He loves you, is proud of you, and cherishes His time with you — even if it’s only those tiny glances upward during busy, busy seasons of change.
    Love you, Sister~

  2. Oh Allie. It sounds to me like you are pretty on top of things and what is going on inside of you! You have plenty of reason to feel a little “out of sorts” and emotional. I was puzzled as to some of my own emotional turmoil lately but t…hink a combination of moving across the country alone, Father’s Day without my father, and a bit of isolation might explain some of it!!!! Even when we do things “by choice”, there is still some emotional fall-out at times. Cry when you need to cry! It’s a better choice than stuffing it! Thank you for just being “real”. I found it refreshing! Love you!

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