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I’ve showed a few glimpses of the boys room over on Instagram, but I thought it would be a good idea to have everything linked in one place and to show you some areas you don’t see often:) That and I also found some oldies but goodies of how this room has served our family! I thought it would be fun to take a trip back down memory lane and see how this room looked when we bought it.

Ps, the budget and all the links will be posted at the bottom :)

Sometimes it’s just so fun to see how far you’ve come.  When we bought this house, the ceiling in this room was super low, and there was just unused attic space above!  We raised the ceiling to 10 1/2′ and it opened up the room immensely!  We also added in double closets on this little window wall.  One for clothes and one for laundry.  The window placement hasn’t changed, so you can see how much raising the ceiling added!  That and the closets are much more functional on this side since the ceiling was low anyway.  Also, when we first renovated this room served as our master bedroom.

And when we FIRST, first moved in, it served as a bedroom for all 3 of us since the rest of the house was still in remodel mode!

You do what you’ve gotta to do, and honestly those were such sweet memories of us all bonding and making memories:)  Since we added on the addition, this room has become the boys room (and lets be honest, kids room in general.  Most nights all 4 kiddos are piled in here!)

I used my faux shiplap technique to do the back wall in the boys room and painted it Toasted Poppyseed in a flat finish by Kilz Brand.  I always get my paint color matched at Menards or Home Depot, it just seems easiest for one stop shopping:)  You can tell them the name of the paint and they look it up in their computers and can find the right code for your paint!

I’m also in love with this new rug that I got!  It pulls the whole look together and adds such an extra comfy feeling.  And, on top of it, it’s such a great deal when you use code 31GIRL 55 for an extra 55% off!  Boutique rugs have so many awesome options and you can use that code on any of the rugs to make them a steal of a deal!

And I actually took this photo after my new faux sheepskin rug came as well.  Our puppy loved to sleep in the tepee, and although I didn’t let her go too many places in the house, I couldn’t quite kick her out of there, even though it ruined the rug.  The kids loved her in there and she always looks so cute.  Since she died I decided to get a new rug, and this one is so beyond fluffy and comfy!  And also the perfect size for under a teepee since it is square!  You can use the same code 31GIRL55 for this rug as well!

On top of some good deals on rugs, I also searched out an inexpensive bed for the boys.  I loved these beds because you did not need box springs for them, eliminating yet another expense!  We have had them for over 2 years now and they have passed the test of boys, especially since I’m sure you can imagine four kiddos jumping back and forth from one bed to the next:)

And I still love this bedding ,2 years later.  And for $25 for the set, the price is right!

And although these exact pillows are no longer available, I thought this pillow would be fun for the back, and this pillow would be front for in front!

Another question I get asked all the time is where I found this map.  I am so in love with this thing.  It’s leather, and huge.  The kids can easily take it down off the wall and use it as a play mat (think keeping all the legos together!) or we can take it off the wall and use it outside for picnics or anything really!  And our kids use it for geography and homeschool as well!  It’s a bit of an investment piece, but for the huge size that it is, it really is quite a great deal!

On the other side of the room we have lockers that Ryan scored from work.  They were the perfect patina and are so great for storage for the boys! Half of them hold clothes while the other half hold all of their treasures!

They also have a door that leads to the bathroom and I keep their laundry basket out in the open so that dirty clothes will actually make it in there.  It’s a lofty dream that only happens once in awhile, but I’m still dreaming:)  Ps, my sister made the cute sign and it will be available at House On A Hill this fall!

I also found this double headed task lamp that works great at night for both boys and is a great deal.  I love the little mod aspect it adds as well.  And, I did want to add that I love these laundry bags that close for the extra toys (mainly stuffed animals) that don’t fit in lockers or closets.  I love these laundry bags because they cinch at the top, meaning you can COMPLETELY HIDE ALL THE TOYS!! lol!  A big deal for this mom! Or these work too, and are cheaper yet.  

There are so many great options, I’ll link them all at the end:)






Large area rug

Sheepskin rug

Task lamp

Wall map

Storage basket

Storage basket

Or shop the items here:



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