The door that leads to no where…

We have a door that leads to no where.  Doesn’t everyone??  :)  That’s what you gotta love about an old farmhouse with so many additions. I’m pretty sure that at one point this use to be the original front door…


This was the only pic I could find from before we bought it.  It was from the day we bought it at auction.  If you can see though, the steps go right into the landscape rock.


We also want to replace this door, its a wood door and is starting to rot on the bottom a little bit so the seal isn’t too tight in the winter.  I want to get a matching door to the front door….


It just lets in so much light, I would love that in the back corner.  The problem is that we just haven’  I know, I know, what in the world have we been doing??  Well, since I finally realized it might not happen tomorrow, I thought it was finally time to address the door and make it look a bit more purposeful.  So, I pulled out my rustoleum black paint that I used on the front door to dress this one up a bit.


It really matches the rest of the house now.

I also put my lil man to work and we started shoveling rocks.  My least favorite job ever.  I can’t believe how strong little man is though!


He seriously did half the work himself.  I can see this relationship really working for me great in another 5 years:)


After we got the rocks moved we dug out big rocks that were hiding behind the chicken coop to make a path.  I still have to get some mulch to lay down, but at least now the door doesn’t look like it’s leading to now where:)


I was also stoked when I found this pink diamond hydrangea tree at Menards.  I had just saw one at a nursery for $89 and was half the size.  This one was at Menards for $50 plus 11% back, can’t beat that!  I”m so excited for it to bloom.


 It should look like something like this..


So this is it for now….She’ll be changing a bit yet, so I’ll be sure to update:)


Tomorrow I’ll show you a few more things I’ve been working on outside.  I love playing in the dirt!


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3 thoughts on “The door that leads to no where…”

  1. Teach TATE @ a young age to work :) Smart thinking ~ always good to include children when you can :) Looks like he did an outstanding job as well !!!


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