The Endless Possibilities of Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint…love it!  It’s ingenious, and cheap!  I first learned about chalkboard paint when I moved in with my sister about 5 years ago and they were making a big chalkboard for their kitchen.  Then I got married and moved into our house and decided that I could find quite a few uses for it as well.  So, I invested in a can of chalkboard paint, made by Rustoleum, found at Menards.  It looks like this…

I think it’s 8 bucks..for sure under 10 and it will last you FOREVER! Or at least until it dries up:)

So, my first project I did was to make these fun little jars.  I got the jars at Target for about $10 a piece and then added some originality to them!

First I measured and made a tape rectangle and painted

Then I removed the paint to leave my cute little chalkboard square

And then the fun part, chalking it up:)

I also used one in my laundry room for soap…

My next project was to paint a door.  My sister had cute paneled doors and painted a panel with chalkboard paint and I loved it!  Since we have ugly flat hollow doors, I wanted to make it work.  So, my brother-in-law so graciously cut a frame for me out of some trim I bought, glued it together, then I measured my door, painted the spot where the frame was gonna go, and glued it down with wood glue.  We did clamp it and leave it for a day to dry before hanging it back up.  But all in all we had  a new door for around 10 bucks!  Here’s what it looks like…

I love it cause you can change it up all the time for seasons, celebrations, sweet notes….to remember the date when you are home everyday:)  You know, whatever suites your fancy!!

Lastly I came up with a project just a couple of weeks ago using more chalkboard paint that was super duper easy, I’m talking 2 minutes easy.  I found an old frame at a thrift store for $3 and then just painted right on the glass.  I didn’t even take the picture out from behind it.  I was a little antsy and only gave it 2 coats, if you want durable paint you might want to do 3 or 4 on glass, but it worked okay for me.  Then I used it to decorate with.  It would also be a great thing to use in a gallery wall or kids room.

Here’s just a couple more fun ideas that I’ve found surfing the web that I might try someday!

For the little (or not so little) artist in your family!

This one is a bit safer for the little artist in the family:)  Or mine at least!

Here’s a door like I was talking about, so cute…but what’s even more cute is her amazing ability to organize!  I’m drooling over here since that is clearly NOT one of my strong points!

A cheap and creative kitchen backsplash!

A statement wall…love this room by the way:)

Simple pots…I think I might have to do this one this summer!

Or make your recyclables actually look cute!

Even a whole table!  Never have a dull dinner again:)

The possibilities are seriously endless….I’d love to see a project you come up with!  So go get yourself a can of chalkboard paint and start creating!:)

P.S.  I know people have said you can also get chalkboard paint tinted different colors if black isn’t your thing, so if that intrigues you go check it out:)


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3 thoughts on “The Endless Possibilities of Chalkboard Paint”

  1. I recently took my 9 year old’s green chalkboard and painted it with this chalkboard paint. It took three coats because I wanted it to have plenty of texture. I was reluctant at first, but it works amazingly well and she loves to write and draw on it. Thanks for the post.

  2. Love the chalkboard paint! Have it in my breakfast nook as a wide stripe all the way around the room. Have you seen the magnetic paint? So cool! Our church has used it in one of the nurserys. You paint an area with the magnetic paint and then you can paint over it with your paint color or design.

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