You guys…we’ve been giving er over here!  I’ve been working on Whimsy like crazy since the Christmas sale is coming in a little over two weeks, and the hubs keeps plugging away on the addition.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but it is a slllloooooowwww process when you do it all yourself.  Soooo many times I told the hubs lets just take out a loan and pay for a few things to be done…haha…shows my patience.  But, we are chipping away at it and we are getting there!

The exterior took longer than I though honestly, partly due to the part that we installed a wood burning fireplace (the hubs request) and to build a chimney to code for a wood burning fireplace was quite the process.  That took Ry almost a month from start to finish with only being able to chip away at it here and there.  So, with that behind us, I thought I’d show you a few pics.  I did a little video tour on my instagram story the other day (@prvbsthirtyonegirl) …so some of you got a sneak peek:)

Unfortunately I took these pics on a sunny day, so they are a little bright…but you get the idea:)


I’m quite smitten with the board and batten underneath:)  And the two circles on the side of the door are for some big black goosenecks that will be going up soon:)  I wish we could get rid of all the shutters on the house and trim them out with chunky trim, but not this year at least:)  We actually used hardi board siding on the addition, and exisiting siding is steel.  We didn’t have it in the budget to redo the whole house so I just color matched the two and I think they blended quite nice!  I did put a fresh coat of paint on the front side of the house.  The whole house could use that as well…but I’m over painting at the moment:)
img_6632 This door is still my favorite Craigslist score.  If you rememeber, I scored it for $400!  Ry had to order a custom threshold for it and re work it a bit….which he LOVED:) But seriously, it’s swoon worthy.  I can’t wait til the interior is done to show you all the beautiful hardware on the girl:)


and heres the south end.  You can see that it is close to the guest house. When our inspector came originally he thought for sure we were tearing it down.  Oh no no sir.  That was a labor of love as well;)


and theres the chimney that was a labor of love!  It’s 30 feet tall and Ryan built it all from a ladder….scare the daylights out of me!  What you don’t see is how it is insulated, has 3 fireblock walls and all plywoods beneath the siding.

Here’s a better view to show you the height!


she’s tall!  I do love that it breaks up that end though.  I would have loved to cover it in a white brick…but time and money were against us:)

Ps, don’t mind all the MESS!!  EEKK!! I’m over this building stuff with no lawn and stuff everywhere!

And here’s the back side of the house..


It looks a little long, and I would have love to have added another window, but the open staircase is behind that solid wall.  We are adding two matching black goosenecks on either side of the window on this side too, so I think that will help:)


I’m in love with these huge windows though.  I can’t wait to be able to sit inside and look out of them!  We broke through into the addition upstairs so Ryan could run duct work, but we have yet to break through downstairs yet.  We are hoping to finish up the electrical this week, and then plumbing is all that’s left before we can start insulating and sheet rocking.  Then the changes will come! Yay!!!

Thanks for following along on our crazy journey.  You all are the sweetest….


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16 thoughts on “THE EXTERIOR IS *ALMOST* DONE!”

  1. Allie,
    Do you remember where the wicker furniture came from in the lake house cottage? I’m buying a house with all that wood and loved the white paint. Really helped me!

  2. It looks pretty spectacular, Allie. My compliments to both you and Ryan on an addition that blends beautifully with your existing house. Cheers, Ardith

  3. So beautiful I just love everything you do. Would you please tell me what color of white paint you used. Thanks you so much Kelly

  4. Beautiful work. You are so talented! I just discovered your blog and have looked through some of your old posts. For the man cave, what is the railing (wire) around the deck? I would love to do this to ours.

  5. Hang in there….it’s beautiful. We are currently going through the same process we hired out and let me tell you it’s still slow!!😬 We started same time as you and we have just hit Sheetrock stage so Ryan is kicking bootie. Look forward to seeing the finished results it absolutely beautiful so far!

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