The Laundry Room

Okay, so remember my early confession that I am not an organized girl?  Clean girl yes…organized, not so much!  So, another catch-all spot in my house was my laundry room.  Sure we spruced it up a bit by painting the trim and walls, putting down some peel and stick and adding some curtains, but that’s as far as it got.  There were cabinet doors on the cupboards that I attempted to paint but only got 1 coat and everything else just “accumulated” in there.  It was an easy hiding spot right off of the kitchen.  I wish we had before before pictures…but we don’t.  So this is the “before” of the organizing!

Mercy right!  I must say though that it really wasn’t quite this bad.  At the time I was emptying out some of the cabinets to paint the inside.  Small disclaimer:)

Now this side really was this bad.  I just “stuck” everything I didn’t have a spot for right here.  Ish…do you have a place like that??

Can you see my attempt though…at making it cute??  I added the curtain and fabric under the counter so I could hide some clutter, apparently it just wasn’t enough:)

So here’s my attempt at cleaning it up!  I have to also say that I wasn’t done with it.  My vision was to add bead board behind the cabinets and put crown molding on the top to dress it up a bit.   Also I was going to get all matching baskets to make it look even more organized.  But….seeing as though at that point we knew we were selling, I really didn’t want to stick more money into it than I already had.  Maybe the new owners will have some better organizing techniques:)

Oh my goodness there IS a countertop:)  Like the nice little sign, it’s like my subconscious was trying to tell me something!

I always thought it would be adorable to get a cute apron sink in here as well…and a nice mirror.  If only we had another 4 years:)

Much better! I painted the inside of the cabinets and took off the doors.   I also realized I didn’t need 102 rag towels and boy did that free up some space!  Can you picture how cute the crown molding and bead board would be??  Add lots of character!  I did add a missing sock hurricane vase that fills up way too quick and a tip jar on the dryer that’s handy when I run into loose change.  Even though this room doesn’t always stay 100% clean it is much easier to handle now!

Do you have any laundry room tips and tricks??  I’d love to hear them:)


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