The Living Room Reveal…

So today is the day of the big living room reveal.  I must first say that some of you are probably saying to yourselves, why would she redo it…it was fine the way it was.  I know…it was great, and I did love it.  It’s just that after you stay home for 4 years looking at the same walls and the same bright red, I needed wanted a change:)  I saw this color palette a few magazines back out of Better Homes and Gardens and loved the beachy/airy/relaxing feel of it.  It was something completely different from my bold reds and greens.  So, for all of those who haven’t seen the first picture of my living room here it is…

and I still do love this look, like I said, for myself I was just ready to see a different look in my house:)

So, when I was out looking for some fabric for a friend I came across this beutiful IKAT style fabric from Robert Allen.  It was on the clearance table but it was decorator fabric, so I went to go look by the order only decorator fabric and found that it was still there as well, for $40 a yard!!!  The clearance bolt was $6 a yard.  What a steal…and thus my inspiration #2.  So, with no further ado, here is the after to the red living room…

Again, much calmer and subdued. We also had this piece in our mancave basement that Ryan let me pull up and paint..

And the after look…

I would really love to get a few basket that fit perfectly inside the’s a little too cluttered for me now, but it’ll do.

Dining room angle

My reading nook

And my new spring display.  I sprayed a couple of my glass jars white (they still need a shot of high gloss spray to make them look like porcelain) and added some greens on tops of candle sticks and pots and this is what I came up with.

So, for a small fee in fabric and paint, I was able to transform this living room from bold and bright to relaxing and soothing.  Two completely different looks, like them both, just fun to try something new in all my spare time:)  Happy Friday everyone!!

Sidenote:  My husband was a little disappointed that I did not write in my last post that the amazing outdoors man that he is shot that elk in Wyoming just so that I could have that beautiful elk rack hang on my living room wall!  Good job Lovey, you are amazing!!:)


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4 thoughts on “The Living Room Reveal…”

  1. I love, love , love your tv stand. that paint color is beautiful. Can you please come to our big green house which we are re modeling and see what we can do with it. You have such great style you should have become a designer not a teacher :) Wonderful work

  2. Nicolle Erickson

    Hey Allie ~
    I’ve been “waiting” all day, checking your site, to see the big reveal: And I LOVE IT!! Although I’ve seen the bits and pieces while you’ve been working on it these past few weeks, seeing it all come together is just wonderful! Great job. :) Now, if I could just find a way to curl up in your newly-slipped reading chair…..and gaze away at that fabulous rack on the wall. :) (Made me smile to see that in there — Beautiful, the blending of two lives…..) Love you both! ~Nicolle

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