So the addition is coming along….slowly but surely.  We actually had some great progress this weekend when a few friends came to help Ryan, and they got our whole master suite sheet rocked!!  All the praise hands for white on the wall.  So stay tuned for that sneak peek.  But, awhile ago I switched where the command center was in our house.  If you remember, I added this little spot to our house 3 years ago now, and it worked great for a landing spot for our computer and electronics.


and when the addition came, we realized that the spot where the chalkboard is will actually be the perfect spot to walk through to our new great room.  I was a bit sad to see my command area go, but ryan was the one that actually said, why don’t you move it by the staircase.  Babe…every once in awhile you come along with a genius move;)  So in preparation for the big “break through” I moved it so Ryan wouldn’t be waiting on me;)

So you see where that Bakery sign is??


that got sold in Whimsy and now that little nook looks like this…


Isn’t it the cutest little spot ever:)  I drilled a hole through the planking so my wires could go into the space under the steps and get plugged in and clear up the clutter.


cover that up with a little pumpkin–at the time…sorry, I took the photos awhile ago:)


I still love having my little light to turn on too!


I must say, I’m missing the window and all of the natural light that used to shine in on this area.  There are just a couple small drawbacks to an addition.  But the plan is to remove this window…


cover it up with plywood, and then move the door opposite it–that leads to the dungeon of a basement–to the arched opening.


and this whole back area will now become a pantry!! All the praise hands for that!!

The basement will no longer be accessed from this area.  We will board it all up and bust through to the new basement downstairs.  No more scary stairs to go down to get our freezer goods!  More praise hands:)


I’m also happy to report that since I started this post, to the time it took me to finish:) Ryan has broken through the wall!!!  I was so excited for this day!!  and although it is so fun to see the extra space we will soon be able to use, it’s kinda driving me nuts to look into the mess.  haha….the hubby can’t win!  Love you babe:)

The sheet rock is almost done, and hopefully we will be planking soon!!  The finish line is looking a little closer now!  So stay tuned for some posted updates on that as well.




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  1. It’s looking great, Allie!! I’m so excited for you and SO looking forward to seeing your addition finished!!!😊

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