In this post we tackle creating a space that encourages a tween or teenager to feel comfortable and free to create while also providing organization and a pretty space. For complete sources see the link at the bottom of this post to the original room reveal.


One of the most fun things about your kids being tweens is watching their own interests and curiosity grow. Kynlee is my sweet creative girl and all that creativity can often turn into a messy, jumbled closet and creation zone. It’s been a while since we reworked her space and it was time to add some more organization while keeping it fun for her and timeless for my aesthetic. 


I’ve rounded up the pieces I used for Kynlee’s room update and will share a few more furniture and décor pieces I like for kids’ rooms that are budget-friendly AND will continue to work for kids as they grow. I find that if you go for a more timeless look and sprinkle in some inexpensive fun pieces your design will last longer and so will your budget! I found these items at Walmart.com which allowed me to pick what I wanted within budget and get quick free shipping. 


Kynlee’s little vanity desk – and the floor surrounding it! – were overwhelmed with art supplies, crafts and toys. The first thing that made a huge difference were these storage bin pieces. I really liked that they were solid wood frames and are a natural finish. They fit all of her supplies and smaller items that used to be on her vanity and floor. I bought several and lined them up along one closet wall.  They are great pieces that will grow with her and will hold up to years of use – even as her interests change. These are another great option for quick storage for art supplies or small craft items. Sometimes the finished art work stacks up and these drawers help to corral the creations or small treasures. 



We added even more storage at the top of her closet with five of these great little felt storage bins within reach, but out of sight for items that needed a little more room. She can easily grab the bins while working on that particular project or playing with the toys and keep them grouped and put away the rest of the time. We also snagged this great deal on black velvet hangers to make things look neater and keep her clothes on the hangers. The repetition of the baskets, storage bins and hangers in the space is easier on the eye and ends up making the closet feel larger. A couple framed cork boards display her favorite necklaces so they stay tangle-free and easy to find. Finally we added the cutest laundry hamper with built-in sorting that helps keep her clothes off the floor. 


Outside the closet I added a bookcase so she could showcase some of her favorite items. I added a couple baskets to store some smaller extra items, cute bookends and a cute nightlight that’s teen-approved. If you need a piece of furniture that serves as clothing storage and also has room for a storage bin, this garment rack is a great option for a room with no closet or a closet tight on space. Two would also be great for a capsule wardrobe for a tween. This bookshelf is a great option and would look great to add a little industrial look for a boy’s room.



Kynlee still loves her hammock swing, too. There’s also an option with a stand in case you wanted one without committing to screwing it into the ceiling joists. I’ve found lots of options for hanging chairs at Walmart. I think they’re such a great way to add play and keep the kid-fun happening in tween years. 


I made Kynlee’s little vanity desk, but this is a great option for a desk without having to spend a lot and would fit in most bedrooms. I hung her guitar on her wall and this hanger is good looking and will keep guitars safe. 

When it comes to kids’ spaces I want them to be excited about their own space and I want a timeless look that we won’t feel forced to change because it was too trendy. Budget is very important to us, as well. One thing Ryan and I have done since we were newlyweds is work within our budget. We only do the project when we have the cash “on-hand”. So, this means always searching out the best deals and learning new skills to make the home we want with our current budget. I think Walmart makes it easy with a few options to get the items I want – In-Store, Delivery, or Pick-Up Today if I’m wanting to get it done today.



Kynlee’s room was decorated already but needed organization that matched and brought some order to my little creative’s storage/toy area. I knew a magazine-ready closet wasn’t the goal here – but quality, timeless organization that would work for my creative, messy girl. She’s happy with her updated tidy space and so am I. If you’re feeling inspired to rework your kids’ room after reading this tag me on Instagram. I would love to see what you’ve been working on, too!



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