Training Up Our Children

I started writing a blog about our little family adventures over the last month, but when I went to upload pictures from my camera I realized my battery is dead.  So, it looks like I won’t be doing that at the moment.

What has been so heavy on my heart lately though, is parenting.  Specifically parenting in a world where women are mainly looked at as sex symbols, lust is acceptable, and almost encouraged, daytime television can’t be watched because of commercials that are slightly pornographic, and waiting for marriage is mocked.

I read a couple of days ago how Victoria Secret is now launching a new line aimed toward middle school aged girls with thongs that say call me and lacy undies that say lucky.  Even more than being outraged….I’m just so sad.  Sad that money means more than morals.  Sad that purity seems to be fading fast, and sad that modesty has been thrown out the window.

I read this article over at A Holy Experience, which is Ann Voskamps blog.  She is amazing!  It talked about how God values women and how He views them.  How they are to be cherished and treasured  treated as precious and pure.  And more importantly, it talked about how we can teach our young boys these values.  So they can grow up and treat women the way God intended it.  I think we need to be purposeful in training up our boys to think in this way.  They have been and will continue to be bombarded with what the world says, so our voice needs to be louder.  Our training needs to be more meaningful.  And our actions need to back it up.  I pray for Tate often, but my prayers have started to change.   I pray for the man he will become.  I pray for his heart to be shaped with integrity and love.  I pray he can see people the way God views them, not the world.

I’ll never forget when my pastor was talking about how some people say you just need to walk with your head down so you don’t see immodest women.  He joked and said then you just start running into things.  The real trick is to look at these women as a daughter of God.  He said you’ll view them completely different then.  I’m not a man, but that has stuck with me ever since, and it’s so true.  We are all just flesh and blood, it’s how you view it that makes it different.

I have one beautiful little lady over here that is worth so much more than her outward appearance.  She is a daughter of the most High God.  She is precious, She is valued.  She is treasured.

Lord, I pray you help me convey that to her every day.


For now, I’ll enjoy their innocence a bit longer:)



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8 thoughts on “Training Up Our Children”

  1. Thank you for your words – so very inspirational. As a mother of three daughters,now in their 20’s – we have raised them with respect for themselves, mind, body and soul. Raising children with God in their daily lives helps guide their choices in life.

    Love your blog- thank you for sharing1

  2. I’m a 27-year-old single virgin, and I have several friends that are flabbergasted that I’m choosing to wait until I get married. No, I don’t have prospects, but I have faith that God will bring the right man along in due time. No one really understands it. They don’t understand the love and respect I have for my King, and that I want what he wants for me. I know I want a gentleman. I know I want someone who’ll love and respect me. I haven’t met a guy like that in a long time. Good luck raising your children in this scary world.

  3. Riana Klaustermeier

    Beautiful! And well said! God bless you Allie <3
    Your posts are so thoughtful and insightful! Thank you!!!

  4. Allie,
    Thanks for posting this, just wanted to pass on a couple of great books that i’m reading right now on raising boys and girls:) 5 conversations to have with your son and 5 conversations to have with your daughter, they are by vicki courtney:)


  5. Karen Volinkaty

    Thank you for posting this, Allie. This topic weighs heavily on my heart, too. I read Ann’s article to my almost 17 year old son and we had a great discussion. Our girls need to grow up knowing that they are precious daughters of the King and our sons need to learn integrity, from little on. Praise God for mothers like you who are teaching this to their children.

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