I was super excited to go through this pregnancy with my new found knowledge of essential oils.  I have loved using them in my everyday life and knew my pregnancy could benefit from them as well.  If you haven’t read how the oils helped me get pregnant, you can read that here.

First let me just say that I am not a medical professional and this information is based soley on my experience.  Also, these oils are all 100% pure therapeutic grade oils, which makes a huge difference.  Oils you may buy from a different source may not be.

The first oil I loved and used many times each day was the lemon and citrus fresh oils.




I seriously craved these oils in my water.  They taste so refreshing, plus they have so many great positives to them.  They detox your body, enhance your memory (great for pregger brain) help with heartburn and aids digestion.  Just a few of the positive side effects:)  Plus they just taste really good in water:)  I would put 2 drops in a glass and I probably drank at least 5 full glasses a day.  Just make sure you always use a glass container when using this oil because it is so strong it actually can get into the plastic and starts eating it.  My baby weight came off the quickest with this baby too which surprised me and I’m not sure if this oil is the reason for it, or if it’s just a coincidence, but either way…I’ll take it:)  I’ve also heard they help a great amount with morning sickness, but thank you Jesus I didn’t have to deal with that!

Once I started contracting I used Clary Sage.




I had this oil from my fertility oil mixture so thought i’d give it a try.  I rubbed it on my ankles and some on my belly and I’ll tell you contractions this time around came faster than ever and I my delivery was the fastest yet.  Seemed to work for me!

Another oil that I loved to use during pregnancy was for my leg cramps that got so bad the last couple of months.  This oil was Peppermint.



I would get a charlie horse in the middle of the night and before I knew about this oil I would hop around the room wincing and flexing my foot any way possible to try to relieve the pain.  After I found out about this oil, I put a drop on my leg and the charlie horse went away within seconds.  Seriously.  Every time.  Some people warn using peppermint later during pregnancy as it can interfere with milk supply, I only used it sparingly, as the cramps came.  I also used this oil after labor, with the “after baby cramps” that came.  And I loved it.  Seriously, those after baby cramps are just mean.  And they get worse every time.  And since they usually hit you so hard as you are nursing your baby and wincing in pain from that, they come.  So mean.  So I actually had Ryan put a drop on my stomach as I didn’t have a free hand and rub it in, and within a few seconds it felt so much better.  Life saver!  Ive also heard lavender works great for these as well.

Another oil I have been taking religiously is Fennel.



I know I’ve written about this one before for milk supply, but I’ve found an even better way to use it.  With Jules a put a drop on each breast and it helped, but I only pumped for a short amount of time.  With Beckett I found that it helped, but wasn’t as effective.  I read somewhere to put a couple of drops in honey and injest it, and I did that once but wow was it strong and the taste stayed in my mouth a little too long for my liking.  So what I ended up doing was putting 3 drops in a vegetable capsule and filling it with organic fractionated coconut oil and taking a capsule day and night.  I’m not the best with consistency, but seriously, it is amazing how this helps the milk supply.

The last oil I’ve been using on a regular basis for lil man is Di-Gize.



Lil man is having a hard time staying “regular”, which is normal for breast fed babies, but he would be in pain with bad gas.  I use this morning and night when needed and it seems to help his pain.  He still has gas:) but is much happier.  I dilute this in the coconut oil and rub in a clockwise motion on his belly and lower back.  On top of that, it’s another great one for heart burn and indigestion.  That’s what I love about these oils, they all have so many great uses and multiple purposes.  On top of that they can be used interchangeable with momma and baby, so you really get your moneys worth out of them!

On top of these oils, we’ve already pulled out the rc for our first colds of the season and even though we know how well it works, we are always amazed how fast it works for the kids coughs when we rub it on their chest and spine.  This is still my favorite oil:)



If you are interested in trying out oils for yourself, feel free to email me.  You can find my info on the “contact me” tab at the top of the blog, or you can read this post to see how you can sign up for yourself and start ordering oils today!:)


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  1. It is not safe to take essential oils in water. They can do some serious damage. Essential oils should only be taken internally under the supervision of a certified aromatherapist. They can really do some damage to your esophagus and liver. I am a big essential oil user, but it is disheartening to see so much bad usage suggested by so many MLM companies. The oil is so concentrated…very powerful. Always dilute with a carrier oil like coconut oil, almond oil, etc and never ingest unless under supervision.

  2. My son is 7 weeks old, and I have had to cut out dairy, chocolate, some greens and citrus from my diet due to his gas, he gets so uncomfortable and grunts a lot and doesn’t sleep. Does the di gize really work? I’m just looking into starting to use oils, especially working at cokato elements with kids and having two kids at home will the illnesses that go around.

    1. Jennifer, it sounds like your babe has much the same issues as Beckett! Especially the grunting:). Digize doesn’t work instantly, but I’ve found if I use it consistently after about a week it seems to have calmed him down a but and in less pain. As for the other oils, I think you’d benefit greatly for your kids! The thieves is amazing for prevention of sickness, and also once they are sick it clears up a cold much faster. I can at enough good about the RC either, but I haven’t found anyone who doesn’t love it! For the price I really don’t think you can go wrong. It’s a helpless feeling as a mom to watch your kids be sick, and this is a great tool to have to know you can do something, and see it be successful!

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