If you live in the midwest, you are in complete sympathy with how long of a winter this has been.  Not because of the length, but because of the cold!  I read that Minneapolis is considered the coldest large city in the country, even beating out Anchorage, Alaska this year.  Yep, that’s not an award I was hoping to win.  So, after taking down my Christmas decor I usually struggle with what to put out.  We can’t really jump from Christmas to Spring, since we have snow for another 3 months, but I don’t have much in between winter decor.  And I’m usually get sick of winter by now too so I don’t want to invest much in the form of items.  I have never decorated for Valentines Day, but this year I thought I’d add just a few touches.  Touches that could get me through February and into March when I can pull out my green spring stuff!  So, I decided to make a few “poufs” for my mantle and thought I’d show you how to make them to.  You need tissue paper, string, and a scissors.  They are cheap folks!


Cut a square, mine were about 12×12 but you can choose any size, and I used about 10 sheets.


Next, scallop the edges.


Then accordion fold it.


and tie a string in the middle.

Nows the fun part…you get to “pouf” it!


Fluff them out, but don’t tug too hard or they will rip, like this…


but that’s okay…i just ripped it off and fluffed around it.

I didn’t actually use the pink, but made three white ones for my mantle.

Valentine Mantle

I didn’t want to completly redo my mantle, so I just made a few minor changes.  I made a be mine pennant out of drop cloth, put up some mercury candle holders and added poufs.

Valentine Mantle

Still “wintery” with a touch of valentine:)

I also goofed around with my chalkboard wall the other day.  I hate loosing all my Christmas lights after Christmas so thought of a way to keep a little twinkle for February.


I wasn’t sure if I was 100% sold on it…but it took so long to hang that it’s staying now:)


It makes it a little more romantic :)


I also got this new eye candy for Christmas from Ry.  He asked my sister Mel to help him buy a couple of presents…and she knew I had been oogling this pretty thing since the day she got it…so she ever so sweetly gave it up and let Ry give it to me!  What a honey:)


It’s a beast! But I love it!! And I love how it matches my table so well with the weathered wood:)


A little heart book pennant finishes it off.  It’s not a lot of Valentine, but just a few touches…enough to get me through til spring:)

I also wanted to update you on a couple of things.

1.) My friend translated the postcard of our house that was written in Swedish.  It said…

Litchfield Aug 5 1909

Dear Agnes We took some photos the other day and here you can see how they look. We are feeling fine here in the heat. Most everyone around here has started the harvest, but we have a man here digging in a cistern. Anton shall probably start tomorrow. Augusta

How cool is that??  Thanks so much Lindsey and friend for translating that.  It is a treasure:)

2.)  My friend Molly has a date:)  She’ll probably kill me for writing this, but thank you so much readers for sending us your candidates.  We did get some really great emails and so far one date is in the mix.  I won’t be giving you any play by plays since this isn’t the bachelorette:)  but I did want to say thank you so much for helping a girl out and for all of the prayers.  I truly do have the best blog readers!!!

So, here’s to hoping the weather warms up one of these days:)



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