Vintage Feed Sack Prints

I was doing my morning blog reading this morning and came across a very familiar look that I just couldn’t not share.  I have had so many people ask me where I got my vintage feed sack prints from in this picture…


This picture was from my painting curtains post that you can find here….but I”m amazed how many people have asked if I made those prints in the background.  Although I wish I could take credit for them, I can’t.  I actually found them on an online auction sale as is.  I was bidding on three of them and “won” two:)  Ry hates when I say I won them…he asks if I got them for free.  Well…. :)

Anyway, the bottom one was in a wood frame so I just took some cream paint and painted it up to match the top one and hung them as is.  They are worn and ripped and stained and  They are authentic:)

I’m not a horse person either in case you wanted to know, but I loved that they came from Minneapolis and have that on them, a little history preserved close to home.

Anyway, I was online looking at a blog called Vintage Home Love and saw this picture…



Wow they looked familiar!  It was fun to read her story of how she was trying to “win” some on ebay but missed out at the last second so she decided to make them instead!






So…the good news is that since she did make them herself, she has a tutorial!  In case you wanted your own:)  You can find it here.

I noticed one more familiar thing as well….



Did you spot it??

Maybe this helps..


Pillow love:)  Crazy huh?  I had to take a double take…:)  She’s got fun style too!

 I’ve had people ask me where I got the medallion fabric from as well and I posted it in a comment but I’ll put it on here as well.  I got it here.  It’s a little pricey but it’s a lot cheaper than buying the pillows outright with designer fabric.  Plus 1 yard will make you about 2 pillows if you use it for front and back, or my trick, use drop cloth on the back and you can get about 4 pillows out of the deal.  Then it only makes each pillow cover around $5!

So, I hope that helps for all those people that loved the grainsacks and I was no help before:)  Thanks Our Vintage Home Love:)


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8 thoughts on “Vintage Feed Sack Prints”

  1. Hi! I just clicked on the fabric link and the pillow fabric is 1/2 price right now!!!! Thank you for all the inspiration and “how-to” budgeted beauty you show! Love that you love The Creator too! He makes my world spin, and you reflect Him so beautifully.

  2. I just love your blog, and your house! Did you happen to mention what paint color you used on the buffet/stand piece in your living room?

    1. Do you mean my hutch in the dining? That’s in the same cabinet sharkey gray from Martha Stewart. My tv stand in the living room is actually from Walmart bought just how it looks! Hope that helps:)

  3. I’ve always wanted to know – – where did you find your pendant lights over your dining table? Love them!

    1. I ordered them from Ferguson. Thanks! You’re going to be sad to know that they might be changing soon, but if your in the area they will be for sale at Whimsy:)

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