We Have a Bedroom….Sort of!

Alright, I know I have been gone for a long time, but all for good reason! We have been extra busy at work in the house with no Internet or tv to keep a girl busy, so what else is there to do?? Sheetrock you say? Yep, well…a little. I have to give most of the credit to ry, his buddies, and his dad. They have been a great help!! But…I did learn to cut and hang a few pieces myself, I mean everyone needs to know how to sheet rock right?? So, let’s get to the the fun part! I’m sure some are getting sick of seeing the before, but we just need to giVe the after due justice:) so, here she is…

ahhh…brings back the memories.  Low ceiling, beautiful carpet, etc, etc. :)

and the odd closets that split the room up.

Things are looking a little different…and brighter.  Yay!  So here she is all sheet rocked and ready to be primed and painted:)

This is looking in from the hallway.  So much brighter and open.

Here’s the closets.  The one on the right will be for washer and dryer, Ry already made a nice little platform in there that needs to be painted to set them on.  The one on the left is our closet.  If you notice we have nice natural light coming into the closets from that odd little window that was hiding down there.  I’m usually not a fan of covering up windows, but when they interfere with decorating then it’s a must:)  And hey, natural light is a great feature in a closet!

We moved the bathroom door over and made it full size, and Ry also threw in some built ins above the door to store off season clothes.  We’ll find a couple of cabinet doors to cover them up and it will add extra storage, something we can all use!

And my favorite part, the false dormer!  It turned out quite nice, even though the window is about a window above the rest…it acts like a nice sky light and does brighten up the room a lot!  I’m thinking a nice little seating area under there.  My slip covered chair might work well!  Ryan also wired it for a puck light up there, but someday I totally see a chandelier going in.  I can’t overwhelm him all at once:)  If I talk about it enough though, it won’t be a shocker when I do approach him!  Love you baby:)

So, that’s what we’ve got for now.  It just got sanded Sunday night, so I need to visit the paint store soon and go to town.  Once it is painted we are going to move all three beds in there (party in mom and dad’s room!) and set up camp.  With a roof over our heads..how novel!!  We are going to wait on carpeting until the rest of the house is ready for it, but we are hoping that’s only a month away as well.  As for a paint color, I’m thinking something like this…

It’s called Whetstone Gray.  You know, the new neutral!  I like it cause it is a great mix of the sharkey gray that my bathroom vanity will be, and a warmer color to cozy up the bedroom.  We’ll see, I might change my mind once I get to the paint store!  So, stay tuned.  I”m really going to try to keep up the posting since stuff is finally starting to get done:)


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