What Can $50 Get You???

Well, if you head out to your local mall, $50 might get you a new pair of jeans, a couple of shirts, or a pair of shoes.  If you head out to your local city-wide garage sale $50 might just get you…

A whole lot more!!

This is what I walked away with after only shopping for 2 hours at garage sales.  The final tally on what I all got for $50 is..

For Tate:  3 Hoodies (2 are GAP)

3 Long sleeve t-shirts

1 Lacoste Polo

1 t-shirt

1 Pair of Shorts

For Kynlee:  2 Pants (GAP and Old Navy)

2 Long Sleeve Shirts (AE for kids…did you even know it existed??)

1 Hoodie (GAP)

2 p.j.’s  (Gap and Carters)

3 Pairs of Shoes (GAP, Target)

For Myself:  3 Tanks

3 Long Sleeve Shirts

2 Sweaters

1 Blouse

2 Skirts

1 Short

3 Sweatshirts

1 Puma Sweatpant

1 Maternity Sweatshirt (No, I am not preggers, but you never know when it might be!)

1 Pair of Shoes

1 Fun summer bag

1 Spring Jacket

A lot of these items were Gap, Banana Republic, Hollister, AE and in excellent shape!

For Ryan:  1 Abercrombie Swimsuit (like new)

1 Hat

1 t-shirt

Now I know some of you are probably saying, we don’t have good garage sales by us…well let me remind you that our town is only 2500 people, and I found great treasures.

Some of my rules to garage saleing are:

1.)  Set a budget and try to stick to it:)  I could have gone all day, but I realized I don’t need a million things.  You have to exert some self-control

2.)  Only buy things that you know you can resell for the same price if you don’t like the fit.

3.)  Buy as many kids clothes from garage sales as possible!

I can not tell you the last item I bought for my kids full price.  I just don’t do it.  I actually think it was Kynlees easter dress 2 years ago..I was a sucker.  Other than that I buy 70% of my kids clothes from garage sales and %30 on clearance (and by clearance I mean usually 75% off)  I know my kids may have more clothes than they need, but they still only cost a fraction of a new wardwrobe with bare essentials.  With kids growing so fast and being tough on clothes it is not worth it to me to buy new.  So I challenge you to find out when your city-wide date is and go find yourself some treasures!!


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5 thoughts on “What Can $50 Get You???”

  1. Phyllis Terning

    I love garage sales too – have been helping at one this aft. in this cold…(I left 85 degree weather on Tues. for this !~ ! !
    Yes, one can sure find some bargains…depending what you need…I am thinking of having one in May sometime…It sure was a “cool” one today tho so am now heading to my whirlpool….!.

  2. IMPRESSIVE! I’m just as excited about those garage sales as you! I LOVE all my garage sale purchases from yesterday! My 3 dollar dresser rocks my world! :)

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