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Okay, so sorry for being gone from my blog for so long…I hate when that happens.  But, sometimes life just gets a little too crazy and something’s gotta give.  Since I ususally choose for it to not be my children or the hubby (although that sometimes happens) this time it ended up being my blog.  For good reason though.

We had our first Whimsy Green sale of the year, and it was a huge success!  We are so humbled EVERY TIME by the devotion of our fans and followers.  So this is a huge THANK YOU to all of those of you who braved the weather, came early, fought the crowd, waited in line, and brought a smile to our face:)  We literally ran out of a lot of things, and although there were still some fun finds left in the store, the walls were pretty bare by the end of Saturday!

Here’s a picture of the workers Saturday morning…

photo (2)

it’s a pretty blurry i phone pic, but you get the picture.  My oldest sister Jenni came to help for the first time.  She’s on the far left, along with my next oldest Sonia, a wonderful helper and family friend Cindy, and myself.  My sister Melanie helped thursday but then had to head home to work on Saturday.

And thanks to Amanda for this picture…of what it looked like outside while we were waiting for the clock to strike 9 before opening the doors:)
photo (3)That is the line of people waiting.  SO BLESSED!!   They started showing up just before 8:30!

So, for those of you that live a distance away, or weren’t able to make it, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of what Whimsy looks like before it gets picked apart:)

In the front room we had the little girls room…


I loved how whimsical it felt….


and one more..


or 2:)


We had this fun rustic/shabby area by the front door…


I love how the natural and pops of color went together..


A classic is always our gallery wall..


It was plum full


Then we had the bright kitchen area…

IMG_1314I loved all of the color in here..


the bedroom….


With a gallery wall of it’s own…



and some fun accessories…




I’m always amazed how full we can make this shop thinking that there are only 4 of us crafting away, and how it always pulls together:)  Again, a huge thank you to all of our supporters!!


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8 thoughts on “Whimsy Green”

  1. I love what you’re doing. So homey and comfortable. Keep it up. I can tell you love what you’re doing.

  2. I’m pretty tickled I found this blog…even more ecstatic that I think you actually are close and I could go to one of these amazing sales sometime…hopefully!! I just wanted to let you know how great your blog is, how amazing your faith is, and how perfect your decorating, crafting taste is. I truly look forward to hearing about another sale some time! Be blessed and shine on.

      1. I just have to say….my neighbor told me to check out your blog when my brother and his wife were going through the loss of their baby in March. Then, we visited a different church a couple of times in May and they said you were going to speak. On Sunday, I watched the video in the welcome packet and there you were and I put it all together. SMALL WORLD! Awesome stuff….you’re amazing.

  3. I came out to your shop, and was so amazed by all that you offered, also by how many people were already there, and I thought I got there early! How awesome to have the community behind you! Your shop was just darling, prices were great, and I loved the whole atmosphere!

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