Whimsy Photos & a Guest House Update

Well Whimsy sale #2 has come and gone and it was a great success!  Thanks to all of you:)  We absolutely loved our new hours..taking Friday off and closing up shop at 3, and were able to re-craft and recreate on Friday to re-do the shop for Saturday and give it a fresh new look for you all who couldn’t make it out Thursday morning.  We do realize that some of you actually have leave the home jobs:) that makes it a bit harder to come!  With that being said I’ll give you a few shots of what Whimsy looked like opening morning…

The front room was turned into a fun summer eating area, with bright colors..

It’s so fun how all of us sisters (and mom) bring our stuff and somehow it just seems to work.  Mind you it’s not usually until midnight the night before the sale, but it works:)

and some cute little love bird salt and pepper shakers:)

Then we had more of a neutral feel to the next room

I was quite in love with this buffet and was going to find a home for her if she didn’t sell, but my college methods professor came from the cities and snatched it up.  Have I told you how amazingly supportive you all are!!!  Thanks Wendy:)

This piece also sold.  I love how it has glass all the way around and lights up.  Beautiful ambiance at night:)

and then we had a fun little nursery area all girled up:)

If you weren’t able to make it this time around, we are hoping to have our next sale September 27th and 29th.  Make sure to link up to our facebook page for more info.  With that being said, Jules due date is October 2nd, cutting it close, and time will tell if we make it or not, but…if for some reason we don’t, then either the sisters will take over or we will plan a new day:)

moving on…

I know I showed you pictures of the garage turned guest house we had been working on some time ago.  You may think we’ve given up on the project, but actually we haven’t.  I just haven’t blogged the updates:)  So, the last time you saw it it looked something like this…

That is the old garage door opening and the low ceilings.  It now looks like this..

Oh isn’t she going to be cute!!  Ryan and his dad have been going to town.  Ry vapor barriered the floors and insulated them, laying plywood on top.  After we mud and tape the laminate floors can go in.  Ryan’s dad got all of  the sheet rock up and it sure helped to brighten it up!  He also installed a little window shaker in the wall so they’ve been able to work in ac.

another before..

and now after…

We purchased a cute little electric fireplace for in between the two windows off of an internet auction for $40 that will fit nicely.  We also raised the ceilings to 9 1/2 feet.  I’m excited about the new character it has:)
The most dramatic work so far has been done on the outside of the guest house.  Remember the door before??
it was a mini door that you had to duck to get into.

and now after..

All thanks to my father-in-law Tim that figured out how to do this.  It is beyond me.  But now we have a full size door with a cute little awning that Ryan wired in a can light and some outdoor lights.  It still needs another coat of paint underneath. (and I’m working on Ry to let me paint the door a cheery yellow..whaddya think hun?:)

We also updated the landscaping.  For now it’s all perennials, thanks to momma sue, since they were free for nothing:) Someday I’d like to add a few shrubs.

and if you’ve also notice we got some nice new shingles on it.  Sealed up nice and tight now:)

and here’s the outside shot of where the garage door used to be..

Don’t you love the mess all around it? I sure do?!?  But, it’s just not worth picking up til we’re done..and it will make the after shots look even that much better;)

So, I’m not sure what got Ryan all excited to work on this project again.  If it was the thought that we might have to host family when Jules comes, if it was to keep his mind off of things, or because he’s learning how much his wife loves seeing projects get done:)  Something got him going:)  And a huge thanks to the father-in-law who has put in lots of hours on it as well!!

I can’t wait to start painting and decorating….trust me, I’ll keep you posted:)


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