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For those of you who are new to the blog, I just thought I’d quick fill you in on the little side business my sisters and I started a year ago.  It all started when I had quite a bit of furniture from the other house that just wasn’t going to work in our current house…and I didn’t want to just give it away. ( I needed funds for some new things:)  So, my friend said to me, you should have a barn sale in your big red barn out back!  Well, one thing led to the next and before you know it Whimsy Green came to be.  A small occasional shop in my backyard.  My sisters, mom and I, repurposed old furniture, crafted, sewed, created…and filled a shop full of small treasures.  We had 4 sales last year and are hoping to have 4 again this year.  Our first one is actually coming up on April 25th, only a little over a week away!  So, that is the reason for the sparse postings.  I have turned our guest house into a workshop since the weather is NOT cooperating!!!  I move a couple of pieces of furniture in at a time to paint, let them cure, and then move them out to bring a couple more in.  I thought I’d just give you a sneak peek of some of the pieces I’ve been working on:)

Here was this beaut.  I bought it at an auction and wasn’t sure I really wanted it, but no one bid after I raised my number up, so alas..I got it.  It is quite grand in size, way too big of a piece to but in our little house.  But it does make a statement.  For all you wood lovers out there, you may want to close your eyes:)  It was a beautiful wood before I got my hands on it:)



I had already painted the top by the time I remembered to take a pic, so yes..it was the beautiful wood as well:)

and after….


She quite the looker now.  Sorry none of these photos are staged, I barely had enough room to walk around the furniture let alone stage it pretty:)  Too much work to do:):)

My father in law called me another day and said he pulled a dresser out of a burn pile for me (love that man:) and dropped it off in our shed.  Ry ended up having to fix all the drawers (he loves when he gets to help me–wink wink) and then she was good as new.  Again, I forgot to pick up my camera for a before, but here’s the cutie now…


I had cream underneath with a dark grayish cream on top.  I love the two tone paint effect.  (it’s even prettier in person:)  The sides and front of the drawers are chalkboard, so you can write whats in them for those of us with short memory spans.  Or to encourage your kiddos to put their own things away:)

And for the last one for now….

the before..


Okay, you think I’d learn by now.  This is the best picture I got;)  This dresser I also bought at an auction.  I’ts quite the piece. Solid wood and lots of storage.

and the after…


I painted it white first, with light blue on top.  I love when just a bit of the underneath color peeks out.  I distressed it and then stained it with a lighter stain.

I love how it distressed…


So, that’s all I can show you for now.  I have to get back out there and keep working:)  If you want to see them in person, I’d love to see you at Whimsy Green!  You can find more information here.  We are open April 25th and 27th from 9:00-3:00.

** Just a little sidenote, we can not do any presales or put anything on hold.  We really want everyone to have a fair chance so it is first come first serve:)  Can’t wait to see you!


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10 thoughts on “Whimsy Projects”

  1. It is all about adding personality and fun to any room in your home through this
    modern furniture. Each town differs, so you have to accomplish
    a little research. Besides, it is hard to work in a space that has too much business going on.

  2. Allie, these are beautiful! You have given me some great staging ideas for my upcoming yard/moving sale. Thanks!

  3. Really wished y’all would consider out of state orders :)))) ….lol such nice things !!!

    Thanks, Susan

  4. christina larsen

    I so wish I lived closer. I would totally come to your shop. I love that blue dresser. Fabulous. I’ve looked at your pics from Whimsy Green from the past and it looks like a lot of great stuff. Good luck.

    1. Do you work Saturdays as well? I’m so sorry, we really have tried to to figure out the best times and hoped we could reach everyone…it’s hard to stay open too late since all of us have little kiddos and we need to almost revamp the store for the next day! And unfortunately after 3 almost everything is gone on Saturdays. We will take this into consideration though:)

      1. No I don’t work Saturdays. Also do you ever take orders – the sign you did was so pretty and there’s a saying I would like done on a wooden sign – just wondering. It could be white washed with black letters or wood that dark with white letters – any way really. Let me know and what you would charge. Thanks – the saying I want is Work Hard and Be Nice

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