White Dishes

Whenever I am looking through some of my favorite magazines, displays of white dishes always catch my eye.  I love how soothing it is to look at.  Take these for example…

ahh…..so pretty:)

a little more country charm…

Isn’t it just soothing….

my favorite:)

So, for the last couple of years my idea has been to pick up a piece here and there at garage sales until I have enough to fill my hutch or some floating shelves.  Guess what??  Most people don’t sell pretty, simple, white pieces.  Bummer.  Moving into a new home I realized that I wanted to take this 2 year hunt to a new level.  I hit up the Goodwill.  Goodwill is AMAZING for finding white pieces, and usually you can get a few in one visit.  A couple of visits later and voila, you have your grouping!!  I have already found some really fun unique visits in Minnesota, but they have since been packed away, yearning to decorate a shelf soon.  But, since being in Wisconsin I hit up my mom’s local Goodwill (I’m such a sucker) and found a couple of more really fun pieces that I’m excited about!!  Here they are…

Aren’t they cuties!!

I found the two canisters first, which I fell in love with!  They were only 2.99 and 3.99….such a steal! I flipped them over and found out they were Martha Stewart, no wonder it was love at first sight:)  Then I found these coffee cups.  I love how simple they were, and for only .99 a piece I couldn’t refuse 4.  It’s all about mixing and matching and I’m okay if I don’t have a whole 10 piece set of one kind of dish!  Then I found that funky little pitcher over there.  A little modern for me, but such a fun shape, and the color was perfect.  It might add a little summer fun to one of my shelves, and if not, it was only 1.99.  So, hopefully I’ll have an actual “shelf” to show you soon with all of these items on.  I’m getting so excited to head back to the house today and see the progress and share.  If only we were at the drywall stage!  Happy Monday everyone!


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