Why is it??

Why is it that I can stay up til midnight sewing, decorating, or reading a good book, but can’t stay up more than 10 minutes of praying to my Heavenly Father before I fall asleep??

Why is it that I can find time in my day to wash dishes, do the laundry, clean my house…and curl up with my favorite magazine, but not find time to spend 15 minutes studying my Bible and growing closer to God??

Why is it that I so desire a more intimate relationship with the Lord but don’t always want to put the time in to get there??

Why is it that I know these earthly things hold no value, and these pleasures are short lived…yet I have such a hard time keeping my eyes focused on heaven??

Lord, I pray that you would give me a heart that yearns for you, that desires to spend more time with you.  I desire to be more intimate with you Lord and keep my mind on heavenly things, but I fail so often.  Forgive me for my complacency and use me how you see fit.  Provide opportunities for me to further the heavenly kingdom and equip me with the sword of the Spirit and the breastplate of righteousness to fight off the darkness all around me.  I love you Jesus, thank you for your grace and forgiveness!


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4 thoughts on “Why is it??”

  1. Oh Allie, you are so not alone in feeling this way! I believe every person feels this way in some form or the other…I know I do!! It’s an issue of self-denial and self-discipline. And man, both are extremely difficult. Sometimes you have to force yourself to spend time with the Lord instead of doing other things. I have learned during this trying (but definately worth it) journey that accountabilty is huge! If you know that you have someone calling or texting you, it makes a huge difference. Love you and hang in there, He’s worth it!

  2. Oh my goodness girl I just had this conversation with my husband last week after church! It’s just ridiculous how I fall asleep in the middle of my prayers, but I can stay up late reading a book! I just want to know the Lord so much more, but yet I have the hardest time putting in the effort. I guess that is just the Satan working against us!

    1. I agree…time to put on the armor I guess:) Thanks so much for the encouragement though girls, sometimes it’s easy to feel alone in this!

  3. Hey Girl!
    Thanks for writing this! I am now nannying about 45 hours a week and I feel this way as well. I have time to do the dishes, change diapers, take walks, play, and clean, but finding time for Papa is so hard. I desire intimacy with Him so badly, but time seems to slip away from me….You are not alone! I pray the same prayer that God would ignite our hearts. That we would not be able to complete our day without spending time with Him! I pray for a earnest desire for the both of us! I am also so thankful for his grace and forgiveness. Oh that he would love humans like us! Keep pressing on girl! We got this with his strength :) He delights in our pursuit after him!

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