Earlier this year our family switched our laundry and dishwashing detergent to Dropps.  We chose to switch to Dropps not only out of convience since they ship to your door for free, but also bescause they use plant based ingredients with essential oils that are better for my family!  

I also loved the fact that they had a wide range of products to fit all of our needs.  I use an oxi booster with the laundry pod on my tough loads, and I love throwing in a scent booster as well!  They have a nautral baby line as well as a line for sensitive skin.  

And quite possibly my favorite part is the fact that I am greatly reducing the amount of plastic our family is contributing to the landfills and waters.  The large plastic jugs start adding up quickly and I was helping to contribute to the almost 18 billions pounds of plastic going into our waterways every year!  Dropps is shipped in recyclable, repulpable, and compostable packaging and their product is designed to eliminate single-use plastic.

This is now a product I can feel good about using.  It works just as good as any leading detergent brand and is actually cheaper, especially when you use my code for 25% off your order with code ALLISON25 ! You can use this link HERE.  


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