I don’t know if you are like me, but I’ve found that it works best in our household if I purchase my own gift and wrap it up and put it under the tree with a tag on it from Ryan:) I used to think that Ryan should be able to read my mind and pick out the perfect gift and it wasn’t genuine if I had to tell him.  Oh how naive I was:)  LOL! Don’t get me wrong, there is something so very sweet about a heartfelt gift, but there is also something so sweet of a gift you love and usually the hubby is so grateful that they don’t have to read your mind.  So whether you snag one of these ideas for yourself, or conveniently email this link to your significant other, I just thought I’d round up my favorites:) 


This pots and pans set has been amazing and worth every penny.  Honestly I wish I would have invested in it long ago so I could have enjoyed cooking a little more!  Not only is it a non-stick pan that is non-toxic with no harmful chemicals, but it is beautiful and quite possibly my favorite part is it cleans up like a dream! I’ve never had to scrub a pot or pan yet, no matter what I cook.  I love them so much  my whole family has invested in them as well!  And right now they are running an amazing Black Friday sale with up to 20% off, the best deal I’ve ever seen them run!  

Oh, and I forgot to mention that if you buy the set, it comes with this amazing storage display!  The hanging pot lid holder and magnetic pot rack holder to keep them organized and look great all the time ! 

And quite possibly the thing that gets me even more excited than the pots and pans is my Delonghi coffee/espresso maker.  I have never been a coffee snob, but I am friends with quite a few of them:)  And let me tell you, once you enjoy this goodness the keurig just doesn’t quite cut it anymore!  I was sold on this machine because it works as easy as a keurig yet grinds your beans fresh for each cup, and compresses it so it comes out with a rich frothy layer of cream on top!  This has been a game changer for my morning coffee!  

Not to mention that it looks so pretty sitting out on your counter!  I call that functional decor:)  

And the last household item I will highlight is my favorite robotic vacuum I call Robby.  He’s the only man in my life that cleans without being asked:)  But for real, this vacuum works so amazing, and is the best bang for your buck.  I’ve tried a couple brands and this by far gets my best review!  

By far my favorite product in this selection is my Dime Beauty Products!  I have never invested into my skin and being 37 I realized now is the time.  This regimen only takes me 3 minutes to do and makes me so much more confident in my own skin! The link takes you to my favorite picks which are the It Works bundle and the Eye lash serum and mascara bundle!  And the best part is that for the next few days its all 35% off!!! I’ve never seen it this great of a deal, and for all clean products you won’t find a skin care regimen comparable for the price!  

Another thing I love that I use daily and don’t talk much about is my diffuser.  I have a few of them but just got this one from Target.  I have been using Young Living essential oils for 8 years now and love the quality of them and the integrity of the company!  If you have been wanting to try oils and don’t know where to start, you can purchase this starter kit which comes with a lot of my favorite oils and a diffuser already!  You end up saving over half off by purchasing it:) If you choose to do that you can enter #1378617 and be a part of my oil team:)  

The last one I’ll highlight is my favorite everyday necklace! I got this pendant and a chain from Kendra Scott and absolutely love it!  It’s so simple and classic yet helps me hold dear my beliefs and convictions:) 

One of my favorite decor pieces is a set of tall taper candlesticks.  Often times they are the perfect varying height to complement other decor!  I have 3 sets in my decor at my house and love these Target ones.  They also come in gold which is super fun!  

Wood bead are another fun thing to incorporate a different texture into a space!  These Studio Mcgee beads are so much fun because they are very oversized and make a statement.  Lay them on a table or drape them in a bowl and they look great! 

Hope this helps you find something fun this Christmas season!  Merry Christmas!!


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