Well, I just took my Christmas tree down today.  And honestly, it was a little painful.  Our real tree this year was an allstar, and wasn’t dropping any needles yet.  We finally got snow outside and the days are still soo short, I was tempted to leave it up til the end of January:)  Twinkle lights are my favorite:)  I must say though, now that it’s done, it feels good.  Opens up the living room again and gives the kids a little more space to play.

Since I seem to be so behind  already, I snagged a few pictures of Kynlees room for Christmas that I never quite got around to getting up, so I thought I’d show just a few before that comes down too!

She didn’t get much, but a few touches made it festive enough…



I love this JOY pillow from H&M.  It had just enough sparkle:) And we added a whimsical white tree that Grandma found for her…

IMG_6147My mom always made sure we had a small tree in each of our rooms when we were kids.  They are the perfect night lights:)

IMG_6157and I had a few feather accessories from last year that I didn’t find a home for, so they were perfect in here..

IMG_6151and a little whimsy on the dresser..

IMG_6152Hey, better late than never right?

IMG_6156We are off to Arizona for a few days, hoping to catch just a few rays of sunshine while we are there!  But when we get back, I’ve got some fun developments happening in our household…besides the bun that’s almost cooked!  Man how time flies:)

Happy New Year!


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7 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS CLEAN UP”

  1. Hi Allie, I just came across u on IG and had to check out your what you did for Christmas..I too am having mixed feelings about Christmas coming so fast no matter how much time I prepared for for your tree it looks like the one I usually get every year which is a Frasir Fir..the needles never drop and I love the way the branches bend when an ornament hangs from it..

  2. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    Sweet little touches!

    Can’t wait to hear your updates. Hope you have a fun trip – Happy New Year!

  3. Did you make the white bed tent/canopy & bed skirt with the little poms poms? If so, what materials did you use. I love the look & would love to make one for my girls room.

    1. I did. The canopy is acutally made out of some cheap ikea curtains that I hung on and embroidery hoop and added the pom pom trim to. The bedskirt was an inexpenesive one from Target that I just added pom poms on the front of! Super easy:)

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