This year I struggled to get my Christmas post up.  I have had the decorations up for weeks now, and actually the pictures taken for quite some time as well.  But for some reason I just couldn’t write my post.  Every time I tried I drew a blank.  And then I started seeing all of blog land posting gorgeous photos and then I started to get self conscious.  My photography skills aren’t as good.  My decor isn’t as high end.  I don’t use live greens.  My star never made it on top of my tree..and on and on.

But then I stood back and figured out WHY I LOVE to decorate for the holidays…and realized it wasn’t for the perfect pictures, or the blog, or for the world to see.  But it was for my family.  To make the season festive and magical, just like my mom did for me.  I remember as a kid getting soooo excited when my mom pulled down our Christmas tubs and started to put twinkle lights everywhere.  I LOVED going to get our tree and help string popcorn strands to decorate it.  I LOVED the memories and traditions all of the decor helped to create in our family.  And THAT’s why I decorate.


Because at Christmas…It’s magical.


That…and…it’s the only time color overtakes my house!


It’s shocking really…


So I decided to include a few familiar faces this year..


So give you a glimpse into real life at the Lundeens.



Yes, that is a normal occurence.  Getting brother to laugh:)


and so is this.  These two have always been best buds…


although now there is some competition…


And he’s kinda cute.  Diaper butt and all.


That’s how we roll around here.

img_7008P.S.  I have a little secret.


There are toys hiding everywhere in this house.

img_6902Trust me…the children aren’t deprived.




I have another secret.


During the Christmas season we eat bon-bons for breakfast.


Although they are somewhat healthy since they have rice krispies and peanut butter in them:)

img_6984At least that’s what I tell myself.


oh….and did you notice jo jo’s sign found a new home this year??

img_7095and you may have noticed I got myself some pendant lights over the island…

img_7109the handy husband wired those for me for my birthday last year.  What a guy:)


and I switched out the sink light to a little wire cage pendant.


ps.  does anyone else decorate in their bathroom??

or is it just me?
img_7078Here’s to all of us…doing our thing this Christmas…for our family and no one else.  At least with the decor.  We are trying to do quite a bit for Jesus this year and working on putting others before ourselves like Christ as well.  A hard lesson for all of us big and small I’m finding out!  But oh so valuable…and a lesson that is best taught from the home, and modeled by us big ones.  So here’s to also finishing the season strong and spreading God’s love to all of those around us:)



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  1. This is called cuteness at its best. I have seen such a wonderful decoration work with those cutest kids. I don’t want to leave this page for an hour. Lots of Love.

  2. Ohh! Love that toilet paper holder. And the ladder above the toilet! Can I ask where the light fixture is from?! Cheers to you being a WI girl!

  3. Wishing you a- “Happy New Year, to you & your beautiful Family!!
    We just bought our house-( a fixer upper)-4 months ago & came across your blog, as I looked for inspiration. I love your home, ideas & your spirit. I also love your dinning room mirrors-👍🏻 I would love them on my sink-wall. We currently don’t have a window over our sink & thought- your mirrors would look AMAZING!! 😍
    Can you please tell me where you purchases them??
    Thank you so, I would really appreciate it!!🙂

  4. Love your cheerful decor and those smiling faces! Your decorating is top notch in my book, simply love your style and thoughtful touches. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Good for you! I am so glad and find it so inspiring to see a talented decorator acknowledge what matters most. You will not regret it! Your kids matter most! As a mother of 6 I have to give you accolades, I could never keep up that decor! The other day I saw my youngest pulling the Christmas garland and was HOPING the tree wasn’t attached. Ah. Sure enough it was. It’s a little crooked now, but it is what it is. He might even do it again. But, he matters much more than the tree! :) So if your decor gets moved some, know you are NOT alone! :)

  6. I love seeing your Christmas posts Allie. It shows how a real family, who decorate with the reason for the season in mind, for their family to enjoy, who just also happens to be a blogger. We need more people like you, because you give us ideas for our homes that are beautiful, affordable and attainable. Lots of other blogs have lovely Christmas decorations in their house but I would end up maxing out my credit card to achieve their look as we don’t have company’s offering us free trees or whatever for an opinion. I loook at their house and wonder how many weeks that takes to put up and take down and whether they do it for the love of it or because they feel pressure to make it bigger and better every year. So thank you for sharing yours and inspiring us. I do understand as I haven’t put up my Christmas decorating on my business Facebook page either, I keep putting it off even though I decorated earlier than I usually do to share ideas. I need to take a leaf out of your book and put it up anyway. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Xx

  7. I’m so glad you shared your gorgeous home decorated for Christmas, beautiful children and authentic life. Thank you. It’s amazing. ♥

  8. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s nice to see the realness of life. So many bloggers seem so fake. You have done a wonderful job decorating! May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  9. I always get so excited when I get a post from you about what’s going on at your house. I did notice your pendant lights and the little wire cage pendant above your sink (which is adorable). I love the way you decorate in Farmhouse style and even more imporrtant to me is how you and your husband are striving to live for the Lord before your precious children. Thanks so much for including their pictures but I didn’t see your new baby!! I’m wondering if she was taking a nap. Merry Christmas!!

  10. I would take you lovely farmstead in a heartbeat. I was excited to see this post. Such a busy mom you are and look at the kids looks of content…I remember raising my four and all it took to finish all the holiday preparations along with normal everyday living…. Your place looks comfortable and inviting. Love the lighting additions. So many bloggers were doing the flocked trees (which I know were probably free (?) to promote a well known business) but I am always still so delighted to see your natural tree. I use fake greens mostly like you, but in the past have tucked a few real in with them. How is your addition coming along? Is Ryan enjoying his man cave? Does he allow a few greens in there along with a bow or wreath on one of his deer heads? Ha… You both have worked so hard on your home and I only wish I lived closer to attend your past sales…. May you and your family have a very blessed Christmas and Happy New Year ahead…. P.S. Yes, I do decorate my guest powder room and back entry/laundry.. your not alone.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this sweet comment:) And for the encouragement. The addition is coming!! haha…hoping to get another blog up soon. We are hoping to be in our bedroom in another few weeks and maybe the great room in a month…so stay tuned! And yes, ry allowed one strand of greens and a small tree in his man cave;) We haven’t made it out there too much though with the house project….so hopefully next year we can snuggle out there. Although then I just may never want to leave the addition;) Merry Merry Christmas!!

  11. Allie, you home looks wonderful, you have a beautiful family, and you are wise with your priorities. Cheers and Happy Holidays, Ardith

  12. So pretty! I totally know what you mean though about allowing that false story of not matching up enough to the other blogs creep in. I was hearing a tiny voice of that too, before I got our Christmas stuff out. I’ve been loving all the whites in Christmas decor I’ve been seeing around, and for a second, I thought about doing that instead. But once I opened up our Christmas boxes bearing the ornaments, albiet very colorful ornaments, we’ve been collecting our whole married life of 37 years, that all white thought quickly vanished and was replaced with reminiscent thoughts of, “oh, remember when you got me this one…” My kids and now grandkids look for their favorites. That’s what makes it special… the memories attached. :) Your house, Christmas decor and children are beautiful!

  13. Love, love, love this post, Allie. The Christmas decorations look amazing (wow!), but I love your heart for your family and Jesus even more. xo
    p.s save me a bon bon, or several!

  14. Thank your for the kid cameos and sharing the love of and in your home this Christmas season. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Happy Holidays!

  15. A beautiful post and a beautiful home and a beautiful family!!! I love REAL!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS to the Lundeens from B.C.!

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