Ahhhh!!!! I can’t even believe I am typing this post, because this post means that we are DONE with our addition!  And by done, I mean there are still projects to do this summer with outdoor work and some random different things, but visually, 99% of everything looks complete.

You may have noticed I haven’t posted much since we’ve been working on this addition.  And honestly most of it has been because I just haven’t had a spare minute.  It’s so much quicker to snap a photo or video on instagram and be done.  The other reason is because although it’s “done”, it’s still not staged how I have pictured.  Our budget has been all used and I am patiently (or not) waiting to be able to buy the pieces of furniture that fit this space and maximize it’s potential.  So until that budget magically appears, I have pulled extra furniture from the old rooms and filled in the best I can to make it cozy while we wait.

I thought it would be fun to start at the beginning.  We started with a shell that was 20×24.   IMG_6344

Then came the sheet rock…


and then for all of the pretties…..

windmill fan, window benches, planking, shiplap

Our biggest task and one of our biggest splurges in this room was putting in a wood burning fireplace.  I’m not sure if you are aware how much work is involved in building a chimney for a wood fireplace, because I wasn’t, but it’s a lot.  And we didn’t even do a stone exterior..I can’t imagine.  It has been one decision though that we have been SOOO happy about.  There is something about a boy and fire, first of all:)  Ryan starts one as soon as he gets home (if I haven’t started one already) and you really can’t beat the crackle and pop.  Since we knew we were having  wood fire, we planned for storage in one of the window benches that would hold wood.  I kind of love how it looks as well….adds a bit of texture…that is until Ryan actually USES the wood for a fire…the nerve:):)

We decided to do a herringbone pattern for in front of the fireplace, and Ryan actually found the tile that we used at Home Depot!.

herringbone tile, reclaimed mantle

It’s called Abbey brick, and it’s actually indoor/outdoor tile, which trust me…I’m thinking of ways to incorporate it into our outside design as well.  It ended up costing about $4/ft, which is quite reasonable for tile.  I still need to grout it…one of the small projects I was talking about:) PS, don’t be intimidated by herringbone!  I was a little at first, but honestly, once you have the first tile set the rest just fall into place.  I dry fit all of the tile first for this pattern and it was really slick!

We also used brick for the surround on the fireplace.  I got those brick off of amazon.  They are called the colonial collection in the color promontory.  I have to tell you though, although I loved the color at first…..once I started moving in furniture I just couldn’t do it. guys I’m pathetic.  My backup plan was always to paint the brick white if I hated it…so you’d be proud that I didn’t completely abandon all color.  I just did a white wash over it.  And I’ll explain more in a different post.  But here’s a picture of what the brick looked like before..

IMG_1677 (1)

and here’s the after again..

reclaimed mantle

Not a huge difference, just muted.  I also gray washed the mantel to match the fan better.  It’s amazing how a wrong tone can throw everything off for me.  So much that I told ryan when I got home and saw the fan for the first time that I wasn’t sure I liked it.  He about died.  Although the instructions say you need three men to hang this fan, he did it all by himself! With the help of three little people:)  He wanted to surprise me while I was gone for the night, so I guess where theres a will theres a way!

I get the most questions on this fan, and this was another one of our splurges.  It actually was my 10 year anniversary gift from Ryan….so I can justify it a bit;)  We ordered it through my sister who works at ferguson showrooms, and the brand is quorum international.  It’s called the windmill.….for good reason!  I knew ry would never allow a chandelier in here, and I really couldnt pull one off since the tv was over the fireplace, so this was a great option.  I love what a statement it makes, and trust me….I am never one to say I love fans.  I usually loathe them:)

windmill fan, shiplap, modern farmhouse

It is also SUPER quiet and looks beautiful running as well:)

You can tell everything is super muted in here right now…and although I like white, this is a bit too much;)  I’m still waiting to find just the right pillows and see what color that brings in.  Because that’s usually what I do.  I go in search of pillows or accessories, find what speaks to me:)  and focus the decor around that.  But for now, I’ll enjoy the peaceful white and creams.


PS, this is the couch I snagged off of Craigslist before the hole for the addition was even dug.  Ryan gave me sooooo much grief!  “You are already buying couches and we don’t even have a single wall up yet!”  haha…well I’ll tell you what, this super comfy and large restoration couch, that I scored for $1300, which was originally $5000 on their website has been an awesome blessing.  I knew by the time we got to this stage the furniture budget would magically disappear, which it always does, so I am so grateful we pulled the trigger early so we have at least one place to sit and actually enjoy this room!


Her curves are pretty great too:)  And it actually leans back a bit so it’s great for watching the tv.  I also kinda love that there are no back cushions.  I think it will hold it’s shape and wear better with four kiddos loving on it.


as for the little chair on the left, that was my Costco score that I bought for our bedroom when Beckett was born.  It was a floor model on sale for $275, but I did just see them there the other day and they are only $350 to start with, which is a pretty amazing price for a swivel rocker.

windmill fan, shiplap, planking

It’s a little too much linen color in here, but again, it adds extra seating for the moment.  I’m hoping to snag two matching white or dark gray slipcovered chairs to go on either side of the coffee table eventually.  I’m thinking a fun reclaimed square coffee table would be perfect in here.

windmill fan, reclaimed mantle, brick surround

And the last thing I will source is this rug, which we just purchased.  And we LOVE it!! My friend Sarah actually had it in her house and I fell in love.  It’s great because the shag is speckled tan and ivory, which hides soo much, and it is seriously soooooo plush!  I bought it from overstock and is called the Hudson Shag Modern Ogee Rug.  We got it in a 9×12 and with a coupon it only cost $275, which I think is a steal for that size rug, especially considering the quality:)  I did buy a rug felt pad from overstock as well which makes it even more cushy.  The kids love to lay on it by the fire.

So there you have it.

wood storage

10 month worth of work, a whole lotta love, a chunk of money, and our addition is near done.  (enter applause here!)


We are loving being able to SIT, and enjoy this fun room.  Although it’s quite short lived…since our Whimsy sale is now less than two weeks away and both Ryan and I have been working along with my sisters, to create some awesome inventory for you all to come shop at!  So if you wanna check it out, come visit us either April 27th or April 29th from 9-3!

And stay tuned….because the master suite post is coming up next;)


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13 thoughts on “GREAT ROOM REVEAL”

  1. What kind of flooring did you use for this room? The room looks great and you did a great job designing it.

  2. A new friend who entered my shop this past week told me about you. I’m already a fan! LOVE what you have done in this space already, and I had to smile because you have the same rug I picked out when we started our renovations last winter (which are still underway)! As for pillows, check out my FB page and/or blog….you might see something you like and I would be happy to get them to you (just sayin’). :) Blessings – Connie

  3. I saw on IG a while back that you just used luan in 6″ boards. Did you sand those after you ripped each one? Also, would you recommend painting the boards before or after installing? We are doing one small wall, so I don’t really want to rent a spray gun, but think if I rolled the paint after we install, the seams will end up with paint globs?

    1. Oh most of all of my walls I used a roller and painted them that way. My hubby just offered to spray the walls in the addition since there was no flooring down and it wouldn’t matter! And of course I didn’t argue:) So yes! Roll away:) and I have done both ways before. Some of the strips have noticeable raw rough edges and I’d sand a bit, but if they are cut nice you really don’t need to! Also, when I roll I keep a butter knife with me to swipe out the cracks and the drips that accumulate. Works like a charm:)

    1. I’ve recently discovered the Pittsburgh ultimate paint they have at Menards and love it! It covers amazing for white! I always get it colored matched to benjamin moores simply white in a satin finish:) Hope that helps! :)

  4. You two have built an amazing space. It will be fun to follow how you evolve its style over time. Congratulations and cheers, Ardith

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