A better night’s sleep begins with an inviting bed.

Alright, I feel like this post has been a long time in the making. I have had so many people ask me, help?!?  How do I make a bed look comfy cozy?  And although this post wont be for everyone, because I’m sure a lot of people think, there is no way I would be that high maintenance on a bed…lol! There are some of us that want to feel like we are going to bed in a Pottery Barn bed every night:):)

Ps, even if you don’t think this post is for you, there are some simple tips to making your bed look more inviting as well;)

Alright, I’m going to break this down step by step and also include all the links for my favorite along the way.  So this may seem simple, but…

STEP 1:  Put your fitted sheet on and then put your flat sheet on pretty side down, so that when we turn our covers down at the end the nice side is showing.

Step 2.)  I add a quilt for more texture and I also love the weight of sleeping with a quilt.  This is the pretty linen looking quilt I have.  Again, make sure the pretty side is facing down. 

STEP 3:  Add your comforter or duvet cover.  My favorite inexpensive insert can be found here.  I love that its down alternative so it forever stays fluffy looking and still has some weight to it.

Also, I have gotten asked so many times where this duvet cover is from.  I found it at h&m and it’s still available in a twin size, but the rest of the sizes are sadly sold out:(  I did find this one that gives almost the same feel, or this one that I’m in love with and adds even more warmth.

STEP 4:  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP THAT SO MANY PEOPLE MISS!  You pull back each layer!  The reason this is so important is because it not only breaks up your bedding, but it also helps create the cozy factor by seeing all the layers and doubling them up!

So first pull back your duvet about 1/3 of the way of your bed.

STEP 5:  Pull back your quilt. Ps, I do it all one one side and then do the rest on the other side to save unnecessary trips around a king size bed:)

STEP 6:  Pull back your sheet.  When you pull them back try to leave at least one inch of each showing so you see all the layers.

STEP 7.)  Stack your bed pillows.  I absolutely love this 2 pack of down alternative pillows.  I love the feel of feather pillows but then smoosh down too quickly and my head is hitting the ground.  These have the softness of down, but never lose their shape and your head doesn’t fall through!

STEP 8.)  Add Euro pillows!  I like to use 3 on a king size bed and 2 on a queen, but if you are feeling like your partner won’t appreciate all the pillows you can cut back to 2 on a king as well:) Just make sure to center the two pillows:)

Also, these pillows are sold out everywhere, but I did find this 2 pack of euro pillows with poms that will give a similar feel.  Or I love these cream velvet ones as well!  

And I use these inserts for my pillows, which is by far the cheapest I’ve found them anywhere.

STEP 9.)  Add two 20″x20″ pillows.

These are almost identical to mine.

STEP 10:)  Add a lumbar or bolster pillow.

This one is no longer available but this would be a great option!  

Or this one adds great warmth and texture as well!  I like it in the khaki option:)

STEP 11.)  Add a throw at the end of the bed.

I think a throw breaks up the bed even more, adds another layer, and brings in more texture, which in turn creates a major cozy factor!  You can find this throw here. 

STEP 12:  This step is totally unnecessary but kind of fun, especially if this is a guest room.  I love to add a tray on the end of the bed.

You can put a book on it or a candle or the wifi password if it’s in a guest room.  This tray is gorgeous with the acacia wood and gold handles, and such a steal!

Then you have your cozy bed!

For the rest of the sources in this room, the most asked question I get is about these end tables, and I made them from an old tree that went down.  Also, you can find this rug here, and these lights here.

This couch was Pottery Barn teen but has since been discontinued.

And the throw on the couch can be found here

So cheers to all the cozy beds!

Ps, I used this same technique on our guest bed, and you can find the blog post with all of those sources here.

I used it on the boys bed, and you can find that blog post and all the sources here.

And on Kynlees bed, and you can find that blog post with all of the sources here.



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