Sense of Humor

The last week I was starting to get depressed.  The arctic freeze got to me.  I have projects to do and a few pounds to work off.  I want to dig in the dirt, use power tools, paint in the shed…..not to mention not have my lips crack every time I smile and my fingers go numb every time I walk outside the door.  But alas, we live in Minnesota.  That’s what we ask for.  But then this morning I wake up and see this…

IMG_0775and once again the Lord takes my breath away.

I. am. in. awe.

IMG_0776and I pinch myself.


IMG_0785I get to live HERE?


So what that I gave up a heated garage….


or even more….ATTACHED garage:)

These views are PRICELESS!!

IMG_0765So today I choose to thank God for the snow, and for the seasons.  For His glorious creation that seems to always take my breath away.

I thank God for cold and winter…

For the things I don’t think I want to thank Him for, I thank Him.

And I especially thank Him for this lil cutie pie…


Who I drug out into the cold so mom could “play” with her camera:)


She was a good sport!


and I even got a somewhat decent smile!


I would have loved to shoot her brother as well, but he’s still asleep at 10:23


So, I’m choosing to embrace these last few weeks of winter, and thank God for his gentle reminder this morning of how great He is.


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23 thoughts on “Sense of Humor”

  1. Allie,
    I have been so inspired by you and how God has used you and your family for amazing things. God is also calling me right now to give up something in my life that had been a huge comfort snd companion of mine for many years. Today is the day I have decided to lay it down and trust.Wow I am feeling things and having to take a hard look at difficult things in my life. I have been in bed almost all day with my journal and bible and Sarah young books. My head hurts so bad from crying. I know God wants to use me but letting him is hard I am out of my comfort zone and scared. But mostly I am scared to fail.

    1. Heidi,
      Yay for you!! I’m sure you are scared right now and know that the enemy will try to attack that, and make you question yourself….don’t! Speak the words of truth and lean heavy on Jesus and you will be blessed! I’ll pray for you!!:) proud of you!!

      1. Thank you so much Allie your words mean so much to me. You are the only one I could feel comfortable going to today.I have a great family and husband but I feel a little crazy about what happened in my life today and I think others might slso. So thank you for your words. The exact moment I laid this down God came to me. I really felt the presents of God like I never have felt before. In everthing I read or saw or heard today was him speaking directly to me. I asked him to heal me from the inside out. I then became very sick snd had to go to vomit. I know this is so weird I feel silly talking about this but I feel it was God cleanzing me. I keep hearing him say have no other Gods before me. Do not serve a false God. I have cried all day and got nothing done. My house is still a mess and super is not made but I took a nap. A mother of 3 under the age of six and live on a dairy farm I don’t nap. Today was so hard yet so precious I feel God created a new me today. I would love you to pray for me I know this joinery will be so hard. Blessings.

  2. “These last few weeks of winter”. I love your optimism. :) Hope you’re right. :)

    Beautiful pictures …. especially Kynlee. What a treasure.

  3. What gorgeous photos! And your daughter is so stinkin’ cute!

    Both my husband and I were born and raised in Minot, North Dakota, and I remember those winters well! We live in beautiful Las Vegas now, but I remember just how beautiful that snow and scenery can be.

    PS–you’re an amazing photographer….can I ask what kind of camera you use, and how you learned to do such an amazing job?! You’re very talented!

    1. Jen, thanks so much:). I actually just got a canon rebel t3i. I don’t even know how to use it in manual yet but the camera does all the work for you:). I shot these with the 50mm lens which I love. That and a little editing and you can pretend like you know what you are doing:)

  4. Allie, She is a BEAUTIFUL little girl :) Love the pictures of the snnow :) Wish we could have some of that in S.C. :(


  5. This is an excellent description of living in beautiful Minnesota in winter time. This morning on my way to Worship, I had thoughts of going back home to grab my camera ~ the trees almost took my breath away. Your pictures of God’s handiwork along with your beautiful little Kinlee added to describe what an AWESOME God we have and serve… Lord, give us each a GRATEFUL heart..

  6. You have such Beauty in you…your family…your words….your photos….your home!!!!! The Lord reminds us in such beautiful ways his presence and Love he has for us!! Thank you Allie for reminding me today of this…..I too am tired of the cold and snow …..yesterday as I was driving, the warmth of the sun reminded me, that it will soon melt the snow and create a new palette of bright colors!

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