I can’t even believe I’m blogging the night before our big Whimsy sale.  Usually we are working until 11:00 in the barn and scrambling to get everything done.  Amazingly, we have put the whole shop together in 24 hours this sale.  I don’t even know how that’s possible, if you saw the before and after you would think it’s impossible as well.  Needless to say, I’m excited to have a few minutes to sit down and blog my fall tour.  I snapped some pictures the other day and am finally getting to uploading them and getting them off.

I started this year with decorating my mantle first, and it was looking very similar to last years…and I was okay with that.  Sometimes it’s exhausting always trying to reinvent the wheel, and not to mention expensive.  So here’s what I came up with…..



And once I got the mantle done, the rest fell into place.



Surprise surprise the name of the game is neutral for this girl.



I did try to make it a little more festive by adding lots of texture.  And what do you do when you live in the middle of corn fields??

You decorate with corn!  I love that these added height, texture, and most importantly, they are free!



and I had yet to show you my new grocery sign that I got that matches the bakery sign in my kitchen.  It was fun to have pops of black to play off of for the fall.



We grew the green cinderella pumpkins, and the wicker ones were from the Target dollar aisle a few years ago.



I shouldve had  a little more fun dressing up my table, but due to Whimsy week there was a lack of time.



I also never mentioned that I got rid of the huge brown couch that was sitting in our living room.



Surprise!  It’s the white Ektorp Ikea couch! And I got it for only $60!!  My friend was at a Goodwill in the cities and said, you’ll never guess what’s here, for only $9.99.  It was this couch, with a tan slip cover.  The couch was in excellent shape, and although the slip cover was in good shape, a new one had to be had.  One, it was tan.  Two, it was used.  So for $50, I marched my self into IKEA and grabbed a brand new slipcover and had a new couch for $60.  Phenomonal.  I know a lot of you probably think I’m crazy to get rid of that dark microfiber easy to clean couch for this, but we moved this in here for a month to see if it would work for our family.  Since we now have the huge sectional in the man cave, and we use that for movies and night tv viewing, we really didn’t need a huge sofa in here anymore.  And with the chaise on the wrong side, it really ate into our living room space.  I must admit, this couch isn’t as comfortable, but it brightens and opens the space up.



I grabbed the little end table I had in the guest house for the time being to put on the other side of it, and a lamp from my bedroom.  And now it provides a nice spot for my coffee;)







This is one of my favorite views…I’m kind of in love with that sweet little plaid dish towel from Target for $3.99.



I’m also enjoying this little wheat bundle from Michaels….





If you’re getting sick of all these neutrals, do not fear…Christmas is right around the corner and this house gets very colorful one time during the year!:)







Thanks for joining me!  And sorry for the delay, but if you are around tomorrow or Saturday you should come visit us at our Shop, Whimsy Green!  We’d love to see you:)


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  1. Your house is absolutely beautiful! I was wondering where you bought your farmhouse style floor lamp? I’ve been searching all over online for the perfect one, and still can’t settle on one.

    1. THank you! I actually scored it off of craigslist but it was originally from pottery barn, but sadly no longer available. They do have similar ones though:)

  2. You have made a beautiful home, and I would love to know how you made or where you bought the dining table/island from?

  3. Love your home! Where did u purchase the pillows you have on chair by buffet table creme with black strips? Also the creme containers you have on table you put corn in?

  4. I’m looking for narrow profile stools for the kitchen island. Where did you find yours? I really like them. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful home, can I ask you where you purchased you gorgeous wooden floor lamp? (The one next to your thrifty ikea couch purchase)…

  6. Hi!
    “Found” you, specifically your undercounter (island) brackets, on Pinterest. Can you tell me where you purchased those?

    1. Thanks Krystin…
      This is the island….
      When I put it together I didn’t add the towel bar and kept the casters off. I added some furniture feet instead, otherwise it was too short. I put wood filler in the hardware holes and added different hardware, and then just used the 1/4″ plywood to plank the side and back. It fit perfectly with the vertical boards they already had. The last thing I did was screwed in metal corbels from Menards to keep the side of it up permanently, and stained the top wood with minwax special walnut. Not sure how much sense that makes..but hope it helps! :)

      1. Hi, I love what you did with the kitchen cart. Where did you get the furniture feet – and did you need to do anything special to add them on?

        I’m looking to get the same ones!

        Thank you

  7. one more question to go along with my many compliments on your gorgeous home! the gray cross back side tables in the sitting room – crushing on them :) I looked everywhere on line…with the shelf ; where did you get them? I just love the neutral and your fall décor bea.u.ti.ful!

  8. Allie,
    absolutely stunning, I too am a huge fan of neutral and wood accents. I love your ‘be still’ ‘in the lord’ framed work; are they DIY or from another source. I love them along with the rest of your beautiful home. I am plagiarizing so many of your ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Hi Allie,
    I just found you today and I have been enjoying your blog, especially all of your projects! I also like the info on the oils. My love and condolences for the loss of your sweet daughter.

    I do have a question. I came to your blog via the PIN i will include below. It shows a wonderful front door, one that i have been looking for. If this is your previous homes door, perhaps you can tell me about it. We were also tossing between 4 or 6 panes. If this was your door, did you like it?

    here is the link https://proverbs31girl.com/how-to-paint-an-exterior-door-to-make-it-look-like-wood/farmhouse-front-door/

    With Kindness,

    1. Mary,
      Thanks so much for swinging by and your sweet words:) Unfortunately that is not my front door, just some swooning I was doing on Pinterest and what I would LOVE someday. So with that being said I have no idea what the source is! So sorry:) Best of luck!

  10. I. Am obsessed. With your house. Absolutely stunning! Each and every image! And the corn? Genius! I’m headed out to my garden RIGHT NOW to cut some for the house.😉Thanks for always inspiring me!!

    -Janna (yellow prairie)

    1. Oh you are sweet! Haha, no routine here, but I am a little OCD with picking up. Deep cleaning and organizing….not so much:) It’s amazing how good you can get your house looking if you say, I’m just going to pick up for 30 minutes:)

  11. I have poured over every photo so many times. Your home is gorgeous, and your decorating is amazing. Did you make your leaf banner or did you buy the burlap leaves? :)

    1. Well aren’t you just the sweetest!! Thank you so much Wendy:) The leaf banner came from Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago:) It’s nice because it is starched and has wire on it, so it’s firmer than regular burlap!

  12. Your home is beautiful and I like the simple touches for Fall. The Cinderella pumpkins you grew are so pretty. I can’t imagine that I would get tired of neutrals, especially when accent colours can be added or removed, so no wonder that I really like your decor style. Great deal on the Ektorp. We have two Ektorp armchairs and used an Ektorp slipcover on our heavily patterned 12 year old custom sofa. Fits quite well and at $75 (Canada) a pretty affordable new look. Thanks for sharing your tour.

  13. Beautiful! Just wondering where you got the Grocery and Bakery signs? And the dark gray ticking pillows? I appreciate your sharing your sources, especially when they are affordable!! I got the burlap pumpkins from Target and love them!! You have such talent!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Denise:) I got the Bakery sign from Magnolia Market, which was a bit of a splurge but I waited until they had a free shipping promo. The grocery sign came from Decor Steals and was a great price. I think around $60?? Not sure which pillow you are referring to. If you give me more details I will get back to you;)

  14. You have the perfect touch. Neutral calls my name always. I am so envious of your dining room setup. Well I’m so envious of your whole downstairs, but my question is … your mirrors over the buffet. I read that you got them at Ballard but I can’t find anything exactly like it. Do you recall the name?

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