I feel like I have been non-existent this last month.  Well, not really non-existent, maybe more just home bound.  The fact of the matter is we have only 5 weeks turn around from our fall Whimsy Green sale to our Christmas sale, which is our biggest sale of the year.  And our customers are so amazing that we sold out of almost everything, which means we have to start completely over and create our biggest inventory all within 4 weeks.  So with that being said, we’ve been painting, stenciling, sanding, staining, and sewing…and everything else, from sun up to sun down, in between parenting, homeschooling, cleaning, and cooking.  Yep, not much time for anything else.

But….with Whimsy being only a week and a half away, I am soooooo happy to say that we have never had more inventory or product.  We feel like we are prepared and can’t wait to greet all of our amazing shoppers!

I know a lot of times we always have new customers, and we are so grateful for you!! So I thought I would give you a little run down of what a sale looks like.  God has sooo blessed this sweet little barn of ours and women usually show up an hour (or two!) early to get in line.  We understand that the christmas sale gets cold so we will hand out numbers as my dad parks you, and you can wait in your cars, in the warmth, with a coffee and christmas music playing (oh wait….is that just me??)  until about 15 minutes before our doors open.  At that time you will line up according to number.  We post pictures a day or two before on our facebook page so you can see what you are interested in and where it is located.  We will have the barn and the man cave open for this sale, and we will only have a check out in my house for the first couple of hours at least, until it dies down a little.  A few things to remember.  1.)  Please be kind to each other, it gets really tight but everyone is sooo gracious.  So just know that:)  2.)  We are super trustworthy because we do have the BEST CUSTOMERS EVER!! So for this sale we usually lay tarps on the yard and give people a big piece of tape with their name on it.  You can then put your piece of tape on an area of the tarp and start a pile there so that you are not holding really awkward heavy items for an hour.  Please do not shop peoples piles!!  When you are ready to check out you can bring your smaller items that fit in a bag into the house and the tags off of your bigger items, so that you aren’t hauling huge amounts around.  We really do try to make it as convenient, so thank you for bearing with us!  3.)  We only accept credit cards on purchases over $150.  Otherwise we accept cash and check on all purchases.  The reasoning behind this is that credit card takes longer and we only have one reader, so we like to keep the line moving.  We understand if you are buying bigger purchases it may be nice to charge them, so we want to honor that, but if at all possible, cash and check are best!:)  4.)  We will be setting aside 1/3 of our inventory for our night sale so there will be all of the same crafted stuff there if you can not make it to our Saturday sale.  Normally we try to keep half, but seeing as though our night sale is only 3 hours, we will be putting out a little more Saturday but still have a lot for Monday!

So with that being said our Christmas sale is on deer hunting opener, NOVEMBER 7TH FROM 8-3 AND A NIGHT SALE ON MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9TH, FROM 6-9!!

Well, I think that’s it for details, so now onto the fun stuff!  We thought we’d give you a little heads up on what we’ve been working on!  And let me assure you, this is a teeny tiny aspect of all of the goodness that will be available.  A lot of the inventory is still boxed up til we set up shop, in the ending stages of being done, or in Wisconsin with my other two sisters!  But please know we have sooooo much stuff!!

I staged the guest house yesterday as a little Christmas shop, and I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but bare with me for awhile:)

So I fell in loooooovvveee with this sign that I saw in Joanna Gaines house last year..



They said it was an antique score from an actual Christmas Tree farm.  The red and green would work perfectly with my traditional Christmas, so I really wanted one for my house. And I figured if I wanted one, maybe a few others did as well…so I made lots:)  I did my best to recreate a metal distressed sign out of wood and heres what I came up with….



The colors look a little darker in person, this guest house is just sooo bright it was hard to get an exact representation.  At four and a half feet long and 15″ wide, it’s quite the statement and I can’t wait to hang mine over my mirrors in my dining room!  And you can see there’s a whole lot more goodness in this picture too!



I just love Christmas!!  And I love the traditional pops of red and green…..a huge shock for this neutral lover:)



We seriously have at least 15-30 of most signs, and remember…this is just a tiny sampling of whats available:)



The joy is a table runner, and my sister and her hubby are amazing at wood work and do these awesome stars!  Wait to see what else they create:)

And here’s a little bit more of a neutral Christmas…



Not only do we have Christmas for this sale, but we made some of our best sellers so you call can Christmas shop as well!  I didn’t show a lot of those, so stay tuned for the FB pictures to scope those out:)



You know I had to do antlers right?!?



And here are some pictures my sisters sent me from their collections.  Sorry for the screen shots, I couldn’t figure out how else to get them off of instagram, but you can always follow the hashtag #buyitatwhimsy to see what we are up to!

IMG_4980 IMG_4978


the arrows and stars are always a best seller!

And here’s more Christmas goodness!














Have I mentioned we’ve been busy?? And my sister Mel also puts together adorable kid kits that will be available on the covered porch of the man cave.  A toy shop if you will.  Here is a sneak peek of some of her bug kits she makes…



We are sooooo excited to see you all!  Merry Christmas…I mean Happy thanksgiving;) ;)


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  1. Wow – you all have been very busy! Love the creativity and your fabulous designs. Wishing you lots of good luck on sale day!

  2. I received a text today from my daughter saying we should go to the Whimsy sale in Dassel next week, so I said I was game and she told me to Google it….so here I am!

  3. Dear Allie,
    You always are been very kind to share your ideas. Would you share the name and size of the font that you use to make the sign (Christmas Trees for sale). Since I can’t go and buy one from you, it will be a looooong drive (I live in San Antonio, Tx. ) maybe I’ll shake my fear and try to make one.

  4. I’m really in love with your style. God give you a beautiful talent. Wish I’d live close to go shopping @ Whimsy but I’m too far away :(
    Many Blessings and good luck!

    1. I’m so sorry Kristina, I so wish we were set up/had the time to do shipping, but at the moment it’s just a little too much. We hope maybe someday when kids are bigger and life slows down a bit we can create an online shop and provide shipping:) Thanks for the interest in the sign though!:)

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