Whimsy Week!

If you noticed last week there were no blog posts.


I don’t think I sat down from Tuesday morning til Sunday night, except to eat an occasional meal:)

This sale was kind of fun because we snapped pics of the shop from Tuesday when we first start the decorating process, to Saturday, an hour after we close up shop.  Be prepared…we all work very well under pressure:)

Here’s the shop Tuesday night when my mom and sister come with a big load from Wisconsin and we start to dive in…


and by Thursday morning it looked like this…


Tuesday night it looked like this…


And Thurday morning it looked like this…


(p.s., we realized later we didn’t prep the pillows on the bed for the pic:)

And here’s a few more shots from Whimsy….


it was so fun to do beachy fun!


The girls room…

and my favorite room, the boys room…


Thanks to everyone who read about my vintage crates! They sold out in record time!!!


We even got to have some outdoor areas, a first for us since we finally had GORGEOUS weather!!


Can’t beat that view:)


A little fourth of July,



a little black and white:)



And I just had to give a HUGE shout out to my momma, who probably works 4 times as hard as all of us during this week.  She’s a champ!!


Don’t you love her necklace:)  She made it herself.  She’d cut all the tags off for people waiting in line so we could write them up fast….


Im telling you, she seriously never sat down…always moving, fluffing, decorating, re working.  We couldn’t do it without you mom!! Love you!!

So then as promised, here’s how the shop looked like at 4:30 Saturday afternoon….

photo (13)


photo (15)


photo (14)

So basically we decorate a whole house and tear it all down within a few days…easy peasy….


We’d love to see you next time at Whimsy! We’ll be open again on September 26th and September 28th from 9-3!


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5 thoughts on “Whimsy Week!”

  1. Oh my….I am melting here. It looks like SUCH a DIVINE time. How far are you from Indiana? I would love love love to go to something like this as well as create a pop-up boutique myself. You should be so proud. I want my own piece of Whimsy. :)


    1. Love it! I’d love to meet you:) Not sure how far we are though, we are an hour west of the twin cities…it would be a haul, you’d win the award for driving the farthest!:)

  2. I have to completely agree that your mom is AMAZING! My husband and I are part of her life group from church and are constantly amazed by how much she does for everyone. We love your mom and dad so much and I love reading your blog! I will make it to Whimsy one of these times!!

  3. I just love the way you staged everything. Reminds me alot of the Junk Gypsy style. I wish we had places like yours around here. I have to ask, where do you find all the neat little odds and ends? The decor and signs are so pretty!

  4. Hi! May I ask what the Farmer noun sign says in pic # 2? I love all of your creations – they are amazing! Hope to make it to one of the sales someday :)

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