At 26 weeks pregnant, we found out our little girl had a severe genetic disorder called Trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome.  These babies are deemed, “incompatible with life” and we were so freely given the choice to terminate our pregnancy.  We knew that each life is a miracle from God and did not for a second think we would not give this sweet baby girl the chance of life.  She defied the odds and was born alive, and we got to hear her sweet cry.

We got to hold her, love her, and make memories with her for 38 wonderful days.  We truly learned the meaning of living each day to it’s fullest, and not worrying about tomorrow.  She loved being snuggled, and loved to have her feet rubbed:)

We so clearly saw the Lord’s purpose for her life, and she taught us, as well as so many others, about faith, peace, and true joy.  Our lives are forever changed for knowing Jules’, or Ju Ju B as we called her.

Our prayer is that everyone can know this peace, and that all of these babies are viewed as miracles and gifts from God.

You can read the rest of Jules’ story by clicking on Juliet Faith under the categories.


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